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Luce NDs

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Can one understand if one hates to know? Look at I Corinthians 13 ... the other way: "and what is understanding without love?"

How is that turned on us? A living mind is sharp to hide this as those that are without understanding would put them in the realm of partisan polity ...

What is it that Trump doesn't understand? Alexander Hamilton as a father of that nation was puzzled over reason and unreasonable men ... quite opinionated really ... due to the emotional state that couldn't be cooled while soude of the flaming point man ... thus Dick seize line ... de boo tante of the essence is scary ... smelly minds or excessive thoughts ... stinks?

Explains the PEW ...altruist ... it hurts ... thus Lei Sah! Do Little Eire ...

Say nothing the tyrants understand and in benevolence they implode ... all goes down! Poesy is a metaphor for Lilith ... devil to understand if not read into ...