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my fav time to swim is during the rain
air becomes warmer
water feels warmer
one of my fav times surfing was in the fall
cold cold in the air
warmer in the ocean
and amazing surf
-10 feeling like -14 here this morning. This winter is clearly much different from the winters before. I wonder if climate change makes it snowier and colder by having more moisture in the air.
My poor sister has picked up her two new kittens two days ago. The smaller one ate a bit, then had diarrhea, then within 5 hours of being with them fell limp and unconscious. They rushed her to the emergency vet. Paid 500 euros for xrays to find out she has a bowel obstruction that needed to be operated immediately for 3500 Euros with unknown outcome. They weren’t prepared to pay that, so the vet had them sign a waiver to give the cat to him and was then doing it on his own bill. Of course they would not get the cat back. My sister was devastated. She was told with little kittens, the worm meds she was given at the shelter could have caused that. Today she is going back to the shelter to get another cat, as the shelter only adopt two cats out at a time. The shelter also was shocked and said they never had that happen before. ( 1 Euro = $1.49)
Mine is in the mail now. I went to the Rexall across the street. That post office didn't have the envelope I needed. I drove to the place about a ten minute drive away. I got in the line and stood there for ten or so minutes while the clerk helped one customer. The clerk finally phoned someone to ask for help. Anyway, I finally got to the head of the line and the package was in the mail.
Reck saul ... a drug reaction if not well balanced in application ... rendered to short apt few get the extent! Some say Apps ...

Then there is ineptitude ... causing etudes ... this alchemae/alchemi?

More words pile into stacks ...
And yep
25 to Jan 6 :3

(and of course, since it is all our moral obligations now to continue Christmas to year round...lovingkindnessgenerositypeacehope)
Isn't Jan 5-6 ... what got some politicians all knotted up ... Ukrainian fallacy? Could be the light mass ... glowing fallacy!

We learn by failure ... don't shot the messenger ... but powers do! Satanists ... very smooth ... they blame the alternate ...