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Lots of scientists struggle with this as well. Some scientists think universe has existed forever
Or that our universe somehow came out of a preceding one. For instance, matter sucked through a black hole in Universe A gives birth to Universe B. So not necessarily a single universe that has been around forever, but a cosmic cycle of universes with each birthing more.

The Bible tells us God made order out of chaos. Not that God made something out of nothing.
Which is a remarkably apt description of what happened when the universe cooled enough for particles like quarks and electrons to start forming, a point in the history of the cosmos that is arguably the beginning of the universe as we know it. Prior that, it was just a hot ball of photons. So chaos of a sort.
This stuff is all in our head supposedly in our mind-psyche-sole complex that a faction says is non existent and therefore prone to being nothing more than a myth!

Be cautious about myths ... this could be fictitious in in the hyper ranges and thus easily lost in flight ...

Consider the impacts if two of these collided ... Tu-Tu wicked ... given what we know about dark and mysterious things which isn't much given our aversion to intellect ... pithy?
Philospher Jim Holt is my current fav spelunker of How something Coming from Nothing

Sean Carroll is for me so far the best explainer of Multiple Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Which is the one he most believes in

Roger Penrose 's long talk on his Aeons idea. Apparently it is testable too (unlike a lot of other "multiverse" ideas)

Sixty Symbols, an excellent producer of science videos, does a good talk summing up the various different types of multiverses

It can get quite confusing. universe literally means EVERYTHING, so...needing to invent other words like multiverse...
I repeat ... we know nothing about eternal things because of our mortal limits ... they generate fringes and borderline characters that bring the folk of hubris to a standstill! Thus calm passions ... a stone like monument to pull oneself over as cover ... these are sometimes towering over gravesites like the pyre medusa ... pyramid? Tapering shape ...
I guess working hard on theoretical astrophysics with painfully small steps in progress gets boring and bright minds wander way out of the box.
Gutsickgibbon does a wonderful, funny, deep dive into earth's mass extinctions. marvel at the diversity of the Cambrian. wonder at the precursors to furries. puzzle at how completely natural processes can bork a whole planet.

1 hr 18 minutes

Regardless; intelligence evades us ... and lacking regard we can call it blind! Even if it lays on the page looking up at us ...
I wonder if mass extinctions are necessarily bad things.
They aren't necessarily good either. Yes, they have provided key moments that changed the course of evolution. But who is say interesting things would not have happened without them? We simply don't know. Those are alternate realities that we can only speculate about.

And as for the extinction event we are causing being "natural", the fundamental difference is that it is, or at one point was, preventable. Conscious beings taking conscious actions allowed species, genii, and soon whole families to become extinct. The asteroid, the Permian volcanoes, and so one were natural outcomes of natural processes, not planned, conscious actions that could have stopped.themselves.

That said, if this is a mass extinction event, we as a species are toast. Mammals as a clade might be, too. Fact is, the dominant group has never been the survivors of a mass extinction. While dinosaurs survived in the form of birds, non-avian dinosaurs were the dominant ones and they are gone.

Maybe there will be a new dominant species or clade or whatever, but given how long it took for sentience to evolve, there probably won't be another like us for a very long time. Whether that is a good or bad thing is, again, speculation.

My contention for a long time has been that environmentalism is not about saving the world. It can take care of itself absent our messing around. It is about saving ourselves. And so far, I am not hopeful.

And let's not forget that one solution to the Fermi Paradox is that civilizations generally die out before going interstellar.
Agree totally. I just wanted to shift the issue from morality to reality. The extinctions we are causing now are harming us a bit now and will hurt us a lot in the future.

The moral question is the failure of those with power to slow the extinction process.
The Net Zero Solution has nothing to it and you know about adolescents and doing nothing!

Something evolves as unexpected because of what was missing ... there was this abyss ...
They ruled the Earth for millions of years
From the massive Albertasaurus to the small, furtive Compsognathus

And who now exist as various birds

Someone has done another fun thing

A website where you can find oot maybe what dinos were around your home in different time periods! Plus you get to see how the land and oceans have changed


Santa Fe Institute is a special place where people, Scientists, Artists, and such, afe given free reign to examine the deep questions of reality. Reality is very complex so they try to see outside of our little boxes (eg Physicist and Eye Surgeon and...or how say the Pandemic was a medical problem and an econonic problem and a school problem etc etc)

Love all the people interviewed

Including the physicist who says seriously that Love and Caring are deeply a part of reality :3


An observation: (as a bite of science to the antiscientific)

Crandall University has fired it professor of ethics, and the Christian Way for unethical behavior!

How does this happen in the Christ enlightened society unless socially corrupted, or as the saying goes: "the enemy is with us"?

As as crack in the façade does this allow query?

The pious declare; "no questions" ... or no statements at this time. Let me say that this is confining for those preaching vast freedoms ... cell*you*lytic stress?

Separates the celebrants from the alter type; celibate! Those sous-la thus chimae ... root of chimera! Few grasp these vibs ...

Might it be a icon of closure?
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Guys, that's off topic for this thread. Start another thread if you want to discuss academic misconduct. He wasn't even a science prof so I fail to see how it relates to this thread at all. Please and thank you.

To be clear, and hearkening back to my opening post, this thread is about learning from science and thrilling to wonders of the universe.

So something like this, about how a tiny lake here in Ontario might contain the evidence to define the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch.

Seeing as in the Best Country/Series of Countries in the Entire Galaxy is celebrating for the next 4 days, here is a fun look at how astronauts have celebrated

Watched a documentary on Redberry Lake last evening on TVO. There was lots of interesting stuff in it. As a biochemistry major, the most interesting was that the lake water is very clear even though it has a high carbon content which makes most other lakes and streams yellow to brown in colour.