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Luce NDs

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Where does a processing sol go when indisposed?

The great abyss ... no limits to finding the foundation there as the is none in a floating decimation system ... all psychic ... drives the non thinkers into anarchy and governmental bodies have to set up investigations on Dais like Jan 6! But I'm told not to speak of it ... especially by my rigid acquaintances ...

It may be imaginative abstract ... but beyond our grasp! That's how it is beyond here ... you have to get out for a bit to observe what's behind you!

By times can cause a deathly fear as a NDE ... not well amortized! There are those that will not buy intuit!

Imagine such alien experiences ... like encountering yourself out of character ...

Luce NDs

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If a sol sees floss in historical studies ... should we take it as an indication of a deviate?

This could be glossed over ... and passed off as glossolalia ... an alien story the radicals wouldn't wish you to speak of ... thus the adventure into the unknown void ... and alien abstract! Some cats do not Fitz well ... thus stray psyche ...

There are those that desire to control the entire psyche ... as the shattered thing scatters ... in peace to regain calm!

Dead on as the stench arises and the empire wastes away though the trials of life ... labor must be denied and theus the end of Job ... a type of example of endogeneity! Facts can be scrubbed to allow your desires ... the squaring up of deviations! There's the plug .. and the whole thing is formless ...

The great mystery found a place for us ... and thus fallacy of logos ... subduction of intellect? Others say seduced or twisted ... fat's domin Osis?

Still appears catty ... it comes back!
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Luce NDs

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If capitalist systems network strongly ... do they become monsters or individualized corruption? Is that avarice?

Thus corporate controllers required to lay blame on ... for poor decisions higher up ... God does love a good story ... says so in the book where he questions the prodigal as an initiation of the paradigm ... in the dig it flies! That's M ...