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Greetings all!

It's Saturday evening, the sun is down behind the rocks, but it is still very light . . . and will be til around 11:30 ish (not quite as light as right this moment, but still quite light - I love this time of year!!!) I am sitting in my little gazebo down by the outdoor fire, and my wireless is actually working here so I am able to play on Wondercafe2. For some reason it didn't work down here last year . . . I am going to enjoy this if it continues. Hubby is poking the fire, and there is quite a bit of smoke as he is burning off old wood and stuff that got thrown in the pit as we have been doing yard work the last few weeks. I can hear the kids outside next door playing, and laughing, and running, and having fun. It has been cold here and we are supposed to get rain tomorrow.

This morning I awoke to a set of merganser ducks on my roof outside my bedroom window. That ended sleep in a hurry. If you are familiar with merganser ducks you will know they make the most awful squawking noises. Later this morning I saw the two of them sitting on the neighbours roof - one on the roof top and the other on the chimney top.

Late at night with my open bedroom window I can hear the loons calling. Last night I looked out and saw the most beautiful moon. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be like, but it was bright and big.

I can hear a variety of birds chirping and singing in the trees all around. A robin has just landed on the grass. Hubby just cut the grass awhile ago and my guess he is looking for worms.

Speaking of worms . . . I found an army worm in the trees - only one, but one means more. When we were in Saskatchewan yesterday there were crawling through the parking lot at our hotel (yuck!!!!).

How is everyone? I hope your weekend is going well. Thinking of you chemgal as you continue to deal with your health issues. Have a good evening everyone!
I had a good day today, even though plans changed a bit. My sister was supposed to spend most of the afternoon here. She called to say she wasn't feeling great this morning and napped. I thought that meant she had a headache or something. She showed up, and laid on the couch most of the time. I was planning on enjoying the backyard, but I probably would have just ended up sunburnt, it was cloud free. We got enough light through the windows. Chemguy and I ate dinner and then drove my sister and her vehicle home. I hung out with her while he walked her dog and then we drove back. She's pretty much on the opposite side of the city, so it was a fair bit of driving for a quick stop there.

It was a good test though, being at her house with the dog always made my throat worse and it would last for a good week. It was a short stay and I didn't interact with the dog, so we'll see how I do now that I'm on berinert.

I think she was silly for driving so far when she was quite sick, but her husband is out of town so I think it helped she wasn't alone all day. It was good to see her too, even though we're in the same city it only seems to happen every few months or so.
I made it over this afternoon and I'm just checking out the new site. It will take some getting used to. But then I am quite sure I will like it. I'm just a bit timid about checking out today - I wonder if I'll be able to get back in. And how do I set an avatar? And my own password - rather than the one I was given?
EWW! What are Army worms? That sounds disgusting!

I've been learning how to knit lately. I'd learned a very long time ago and pretty much forgot. My boyfriend's mom is quite an avid knitter and is teaching me again. I've knit one good dish cloth (a few that had holes and issues everywhere) and am working on a new one with a different pattern. The knew one is called an "interwoven dishcloth" and has squares of knit and pearl so it's definitely harder. I'm really lucky to have (I'll call her my mother-in-law to make it easier) to show me what to do. I've been trying to look things up online and trying it myself but it's much easier to take it to her and have her show me.
I am so happy to see Seeler on this thread and in the room. Welcome back Seeler.

So good to see all of you, in fact.

The room is starting to feel like home with you here. The old room has echoes...the memories reside there but it isn't the same without all of you present.

Things are moving along at home and at work, the trip to Vancouver is coming up and then the wonderful canoe trip with friends old and new.

I am happy that you folks are finding the site easy to navigate. We owe that to the United Church of Canada not minding that we kept some of the styles, such as forums, which mean you kinda know where to go to for what, and for good technology found by Chansen, and tips by ChemGal, and work by Mendalla (which continues as the site continues to evolve.)
Greywolf . . . army worms are - worms on the move. "They" used to say that they came in a 7 year cycle. When the worms are in a moth/butterfly stage they fly and relocate to another spot and lay eggs. When the eggs hatch into worms they literally strip the trees of leaves, and then crawl onto the next. When they first hatch they are quite tiny, but when full grown (before cocooning) they are about 2 inches long. They crawl along roads and up buildings. Here they like the poplar trees and willows the best. Some years when we've had them the trees have been absolutely bare.

They are not pretty!
Hmm, we have a caterpillar like that, tryign to remember what we called them. bright yellow green at first and darker as they get fatter. They loved chokecherry trees/bushes. I have a memory as a child of not being able to get into the side door without squashing them as the sidewalks was "covered" in them...ugh...gross green slime.

We would catch them and put the in peanut butter jars.

My dad would burn the nests with kerosene doused rags.

They were worst the first few years after DDT was banned. As the birds came back, it seemed the caterpillar infestations became less.
The ones here are a grey, black, green colour, that seem to get lighter as they get bigger. Birds won't eat them. Yes, they are slimey. Here people mix up vinegar and dish soap to get rid of them. Sometimes when they are on the highway in droves it is like a moving mass. If they appear here I will take a picture.
Looking at google images, I wonder if that's what I remember as a kid one time. We just referred to them as caterpillars. They did seem to be everywhere, on the trees, on the sidewalk, etc although I don't remember them being destructive. I was really young though. I haven't seen them since.
Big smiles and a hug to everyone who has made their way into this room. Thanks for helping to make it warm and inviting. It is good to carry on the tradition established in Room For All to greet everyone who enters.

Pr. Jae, I have brought some cinnamon buns to share. I hope you enjoy them.
Hilary, for you I have brought a gluten free recipe. I'm glad to see you here.
Pinga, I'm hoping that you have found your way home this weekend. Nice that you get along so well with the folks you work with though.
Chemgal, I hope you feel better really soon. You've been through quite a time.
Crazyheart, that's a heavy load you've been bringing over. Here, sit for a while. Have a cinnamon bun.
Beloved, I'm happy to see you . I always enjoy your insight and contributions to discussion.

My kids have been enjoying the World Cup. Some pretty impressive soccer! I didn't realize how rough it can be.

This is a bittersweet week for me. Busydaughter is finishing up her exams so that she can start her job at church camp next weekend. She will be away every week from Sunday at noon until Friday evening. That pretty much leaves time for laundry, showers, home cooked meals and sleeping I figure. I'm sure going to miss her.

Thanks for filling the room with chatter, comfy furniture and lots of caring. I look forward to popping in from time to time. :p
Busymom, I'm not sure where you got caught up to on WC. I'll be IVing until they come up with a new treatment. I have a mis-functioning protein, and it's genetic. Since treating with the working protein I have done better and better. I think there will always be some breakthrough swelling, but now I can at least treat it.

The big issue is just getting better with the IVs and being more comfortable doing it. Last time I worked through some stuff, so I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be better mentally and can start getting a bit more consistent.

I think for my overall health it's just going to gradually get better. I had too many symptoms for too long and it just drained me. Some of the issue now is just getting my stamina back after being inactive for a while and unfortunately that takes time, but it sure beats going in the opposite direction :)
Wow, just thinking of youth being away for summer at camp in leadership roles makes me realize how time quickly flies, from a young girl to a young woman while the people in the room check-in.

Today, we said good-bye to a good grandpa, of a crew of boys, and grandsons..and now great-grandsons. Tomorrow will be his funeral. I remembered that my father did not share his life in the same manner that this grandpa did and that all parents are different....and their end of days is impacted by that behaviour.
Pinga, thinking of the family going through the goodbyes.

CH, I'm glad the 'few words' went well :)

I've been impressed with my ability to get some sun so far. I burn easily and often react to sunscreen. I've been getting a fair amount of sun without burning so far. I do wear sunscreen if I'm going to be in the sun for a decent amount of time or when the UV rays are really high. I've gotten some colour other than pink this year :)
Hugs to you Pinga as you reflect. Relationships can be oh so very different.
Chemgal thanks for the update. I don't pop in as often as I'd like, so I do miss out on what is going on in the lives of my wondercafe friends. Sounds like you've been through a lot, and but I hear optimism in your post. Good for you! Enjoy the sunshine!
Hi BusyMom - glad to see you here in the room. Thinking of you and your busy family . . . thinking of you as you experience this first taste of your daughter being away from home more than she is home - you will miss her.
Thanks Beloved. My kids are growing quickly, and I know this step is just wading into the water, but yes I will miss her. I know she will be fine, and I appreciate that modern technology will keep us connected more easily than mailing letters. Good grief! I can't imagine how stressed I'd be feeling if I thought my only contact would be dependent on me finding a stamp, envelope and the time to write a letter all on the same day! ;)