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Well I broke down and turned on the AC. The trailer was over 30°. We'll turn it off before we go to bed and will open the windows to enjoy some breezes.
We turned ours on yesterday. Couldn't open windows because of the smoke. Just read that we can expect 30-35C today with smoke from the wildfires. Not brilliant news but we are so much more privileged than many others.
We seem to be facing the right direction and haven't had to turn on the air conditioner much. Now my car is a different story, seems a rock or a stone put a hole through the compressor of the A/C unit. We got a brand new compressor online at half the usual price and this morning the mechanic will be installing it. The car has been fairly warm without the A/C working.
Good morning! For bodies disintegrating, hope for blistered feet, scarcity of licorice strings, for all the other topics and thoughts that rise up, we bring them to the Coffee Cart to discuss over hot beverages and muffins. Coffee is fresh brewed, tea water near to a boil. Allis ready, come on in and share in the fun!

C(_)/ c(_) c\_/ c[_]
Yet the essence or the spirit goes on as a ghostly story leaving folks a gassed ... ideal laws? They do not exist in a flawed state ... tis human justice Isis!

Up the chimney he arose as a heat in the night defines clause ... myth within as' Torae ... limited vision ...
Our AC goes on as needed, usually to cool the place later in the day. My wife is big on fresh air so we usually start with open windows, then switch to AC. With the humidity right now, though, open windows seem to do more harm than good.

Family BBQ on the weekend. Most of my extended family were there. We don't get together as often as we used to, something we probably need to rectify. I wouldn't mind doing it but we are kind of out of the way for some of them, esp. my aunt and uncle (aunt is late 80s, uncle turns 90 this summer) who live in Central Ontario so it usually falls to family members in the GTA who are more central.
Good morning! Today we raise mugs and cups to honour those who developed air conditioning, such a gift in the summertime. For those who can repair the car's air, let us also give thanks.
As we come together to chat over all things and sundry, let us enjoy the mugs and cups of hot beverages, or cold drinks, if you prefer. Let us gather inspirit round the Coffee Cart, and enjoy the day. Allis ready, all are welcome. Come join in the fun!

C(_) c(_) c\_/ c[_]
Two days of VBC down, three to go. Today was easy - ants on a log and orange wedges. Made sugar cookies this afternoon at the Big Guys', and they are cooled and in containers. Tomorrow, we need to ice them and put eyes on them. And it's fruit skewers , so a slightly labour intensive couple of hours.
We have stinking hot plus smoke haze. For me that means I stay inside in the ac. The original plan was watching a grandkids ballgame but I chickened out.

Sounds like indoors is the best place for you. Smoke wouldn't be good for you. Stay well.
Good morning! For VBC's that are going on, for air conditioning in cars and abodes, for those hit hard by heat and smoke, for all the other things that happen, or thoughts that come, we gather round the Coffee Cart for conversation and support.
Right now in this area it is raining heavily, from the remains of the hurricane. We may need to rent an ark....
C(_)/ c(_) c\_/ c[_]
Some people work at observing things going on ... and some don't make any effort whatsoever ... because where we are going scares them with heaps of following intelligence ... afterthoughts ... like Emuel ... Jenny? Kind 've engine ... 'owl ord ... we need a whine ... some say a Wahl and thus fields are unrolled!
It sounds like we can expect another hot and smoky day. There is another all game we want to watch with two adult grands playing. We will see.
I'm feeling like i want to channel a hedgehog, just curl up into a ball

It's been a stressful month.

I've baked, done puzzles, tried new recipes, ate (and ate), veg'ed on quality tv series - anything to keep my mind occupied.

I know this will pass and i know healthier coping skills.

Thankfully i am not a drinker since my youth, so didn't resort to a bottle.

Anyhow, all to say, I am thankful for being able to come to the room and chill
I hope you can continue to relax through the day Jayne. Laundry may happen today. That will be my biggest task. Or it might be tomorrow.....