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Good morning! It is Black Friday! Those of you going shopping, be careful, be patient. Family gatherings, food stores, cousins and distant cousins, all kinds of conversations and themes! Let us gather round the Coffee Cart in spirit, and continue the conversation(s) over virtual hot drinks of all kinds. All are welcome, come on in!

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Funny you should say that @Mendalla --- I just reviewed my credit cards. (Yes...I have more than one, used for different purposes). No surprise here...but the one I use for groceries is the one that is suffering the most!
I took advantage of the Telus Black Friday sale and updated our five year old phones. We don't have to pay for the current Samsung model. In addition, we get tons more data and pay $5 less per month than we have been doing. We will have to pay for one connection fee (instead of two) and some tax.

That's it for my Black Friday shopping.
I just bought Mrs. M a new Galaxy (she had a creaky old Asus with a cracked screen) but she uses a cheap pay as you go SIM (just calling and texting, no data) from 7-11 so I picked up an unlocked phone from Amazon.
Planned power outage was canceled again. Thankfully. We never had a planned outage that long- junior says they would do upgrades to have more power to accommodate e- cars. Just why would they do that in the winter?.
Good morning! New cell phones, backyards, credit cards, cancelled power outages, surviving the big shopping day unscathed, and all the other things that go on, we bring them to the Coffee Cart for chat, support, hot beverages and warm relationships. All is ready; all are welcome. Come on in!

C(_)/ c(_) c\_/ c[_]
Shopping Dais carted off ... after carding there are threads for weaving ... mingling powers?

May be a psyche dispensation ... with Gaps, holes, etc. Even space is not perfect given the grits ... then the gross preservationist ... as con served!
Managed a walk today. Getting a bit too cold, really, but not too bad. Listening to a podcast about the ancient cultures of Kazakhstan. Fascinating bit of history that's not very well-known.
Went to Vaudreille-Dorion this morning to do a little bit of shopping and meet our daughter's family for lunch and bring back our granddaughter for a sleepover. Walking from one box store to another, B tripped on the tile paving and did a face plant resulting in two small gouges out of the bridge of her nose, a large scrape on her forehead, and lesser injuries elsewhere. After being treated by paramedics, we headed right back to the hospital in Hawkesbury and cancelled the fun family stuff. Five and a half hours in emergency before being discharged. A rough change to our plans.