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So, I just decided to pull the photo that my avatar is cropped from and redo the avatar. I lose the rainbow but I was moving away from it anyhow and it gets me a cleaner crop of the original. So far, seems to look good on all my regular sites including this one. Comments welcome.

I'll see all five grandsons today! What could be better?
Not much, I don't think. Hope you had a blast with the kids.
I think I've got a bug. Slept all afternoon. Then again, could just be a response to a lot going on.
Or maybe you've got a bug as a response to a lot going on? Getting sick when stressed is common. But, yeah, I find I wear out easier when my plate is really full, especially if some of it is stressful.
Queen Anne's Lace?
Don't think so. It's a largish bush. I know it replaced a weeping mulberry but it's been quite a while since we put it in. I think it's informally one of the myriad plants referred to as a "snowball bush" but there's so many varieties by that name, I know they aren't all the same plant.
Good morning! Birthday lunches and parties and time with the grandkids. Cropped images, plants and all the other conversation subjects that arise. We bring it all to the Room, and gather in spirit round about the Coffee Cart for hot beverages, chat, support, and community. All is ready; c'mon in take part!

C(_)/ c(_) c\_/ c[_]
Went to two large craft fairs yesterday with a friend. Wore mask for part of it( hardly anybody did). My colleagues in my office have been coughing quite nastily- were sick last weekend but test was negative. I don’t trust those rapid tests anymore. Was really tired last night and slept nine hours! My normal is 7. So maybe I was fighting something. Feeling fine today. The rain storm was more rain than storm, no power outage.
Christmas present planning and wrapping today- reminder to contact me for Secret Santa- deadline is Tuesday!
I like it too @Mendalla. Nice upgrade. The time with grandkids was so sweet. Funny that the Sudbury 2 year old (whose mom is an only child, so no cousins on that side of the family) seemed a little surprised and even possessive when he heard his cousins call me Grandma. He knew he had cousins, but he didn't realize that meant sharing Grandma! I spent a fair bit of time with him because I don't see him that much. We did a lot of running/racing in the back yard. I don't know what I'll do when his legs get longer...I can barely keep up now!
Yes, gnomes are the thing again this year. Saw several versions of them and bought some to hang on the tree as well. Bought some local honey, and something I might send to my Secret Santa recipient. Since I am likely going to Germany next September and plan to take the Christmas gifts along - saving $80 in postage- I also got a cutting board in the shape of a polar bear and some mittens made from old sweaters - another thing that has been quite popular in the last few years. The craft fair was giving out “ support NS local’ $5 coupons which gave you a rebate at certain booths and the vendors would get the $5 back afterwards when submitting the coupons ( not sure which organization was financing this).