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I suspect you are a few weeks behind us when it comes to tree pollen, but seriously, WORST SPRING TREE POLLEN ever. I am only just getting my hearing and smell back.
It's probably not helping things but it's not just allergies. Allergies + smoke reaction though is a possibility.
Omg thank you so much for sharing this link to the old wonder cafe. This feels Iike a key to my grandma Crazyheart. I come back to Wondercafe to re read all her post randomly. Maybe it’s a healing thing or a missing thing but I really enjoy. This just gave me so many more years into her life and her humour I have never read before. Thank you and I hope you guys don’t mind if I got down this journey or her past.
Hugs to you Sarah. Your grandma was truly our "Crazyheart". I enjoy reading her old posts too -- sometimes she just had me howling! She was also wonderfully hospitable to anyone who came through the virtual door here. She always had a soft shoulder when needed AND a sharp tongue when needed.
I miss her presence here and so does everyone who had the great good fortune to "know" her.
I'm so happy to see you here....please hang around anytime. I know several of us are delighted to share stories about your Grandma. :giggle:
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I miss CrazyHeart. She was good people.

Today I had my routine doctor's appointment and then an infusion. I'd had to reschedule the infusion because we were in Kelowna. I asked for a time near the doc's appointment and got it. The health system gods were with me today. I was able to get bloodwork at the hospital satellite lab. I've seen the lab results and my levels are good so I will get my meds on Friday. I'm going to ask if I can pick them up on my way to my sister's tomorrow afternoon. Do we hope the gods are still on my side?
Good morning! Happy Thursday! We think of those who have settled for the summer, with the odd house sitting bit, for those affected by allergies, smoke, or other problems, for Sarah and memories of Crazyheart, for all the other big and little things that shape and form our lives. Let is gather in spirit round the Coffee Cart, for hot beverages and fellowship. All is ready, come on in.

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Yeah, here it was only 8 when I pulled out of my driveway (my car shows the temp). Bit chilly for the last week of May. OTOH, it means the highs are still not up to summer levels which is more comfortable for me.

@Sarah Thanks for dropping by. Your grandmother was someone quite special around here and it's nice that your occasional presence keeps a connection to her alive through the Crazyfamily. :giggle:
Medical stuff sometimes goes efficiently and other times it seems as if the system wants to prevent convenient and timely attention. Sorry to hear that ChemGal is being bothered by environmental issues. Hope things clear up soon.

Fingers crossed for Northwind and hoping the system co-operates.
Covid test was negative- so just a bad, bad cold. Had a bit of energy in the afternoon, just enough to get the garbage out and download some music. So I will be back to work on Monday. My nose is still dripping- nothing I could wear a mask with. My job requires education- so I am constantly talking, either in person or on the phone. Need my throat to settle some more for that, too. Somewhat I had hoped for a positive result, so I could say that Covid affects me just like a bad cold. Now I am still worried about “ the first time”.
It’s nice to nap any time I want!
We are having very “ pretty” orange sun dawns here in NS- I have the suspicion that there is Alberta dust in the air.
Wishing you a speedy recovery from what ails you.

When we had orange in the sky it was from forest fire smoke. It was a slight improvement over the dark grey when the smoke was heavy. It really bothered my lungs and I became a temporary hermit.
It was cool overnight. Wish I hadn't put out my tomato plant at the big guys'. Also, a chipmunk has eaten the top two leaves of my eggplant.

However, yesterday, I visited friends to deliver a pork shoulder for slow-cooking for pulled pork. I walked away sans pork roast, but plus a couple of scarlet runner beans and some lovely coleus, and a tiny seedling of a beautiful purple datura.
Good morning! For medical and pharmacy services that actually serve, for negative Covid tests, for those affected by the fire, and the ones affected by smoke, for pork-plant exchanges, and for all the other things, large or small, that happen during the days, we gather around the Coffee Cart for community and hot beverages. All is ready, come on in.

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Some neighbourhood cat has been using our garden as a personal litter box. To the detriment of some of the young plants. It sneaks in sometime when we aren't watching, leaving its 'gifts' and dug up soil. We need to figure out a way to outwit it.
Some neighbourhood cat has been using our garden as a personal litter box. To the detriment of some of the young plants. It sneaks in sometime when we aren't watching, leaving its 'gifts' and dug up soil. We need to figure out a way to outwit it.
You can poke sticks or forks in the bare soil. I use a trellis over the soil where I just put seeds in to reduce the amount of bare soil in my yard. There might be some other stuff that doesn’t smell good for cats, I think lavender is one.
Our neighbour has plastic forks decorating her seedling area. From a distance they look like plant tags. There is a free ranging cat belonging to the house between us. We aren't particularly happy about it as it digs in the gardens and kills birds. The owner is besotted with it!
Cats should not be allowed to run loose. They don't live as long. If they need to be outside, put them in a catio, or similar. In my case, Atwood was allowed in the back yard as she wished, because she was too fat, and the fences too secure, for her to get out. She really just wanted to watch the birds in the grapevine, and the chippies eating the tops off all my seedlings, and lie on the back porch and sun herself. If she wanted to use a litter box, she came inside and did so (the dog and she are/were most adept at letting themselves in and out as they wished in the summer; I only put restrictions on this movement during peak skunk season).