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In November 2010 I started a thread on Wondercafe called "Room For All". My hope was that it would be a safe space to share life's joys, challenges, celebrations, concerns, and the everyday bits of our lives that make us who we are. Little did I know that this concept for a meeting place in wondercafe would catch on so well that it would continue for days, weeks, months and years....3 1/2 years so far! It warms my heart that so many people have contributed to the welcoming caring nature of this thread. All aspects of life have been shared on the "Room For All" thread during its time on wondercafe. My hope is that it will continue it's legacy of caring and sharing here on the new Wondercafe2. Welcome! There is room for all!

Quoting from the original Room For All thread:

"I am opening the doors wide in this thread. The room is big, the room is inviting, the room is warm.....there is room for all. Enter in and bring with you whatever you may add decorations to fill the space, you may offer food to nourish others, you may bring only yourself and tell us how you're doing. You are welcome here. I'll be happy to see you and sit for a while. Please continue to welcome others as they enter in and if I'm not in sight, please tend to their needs. This is a busy union station of people coming and going. Let's make sure that everyone is recognized and that their needs are met. If they are happy, let's share in their joy. If they are sad, let's offer them an ear, a hug and a caring heart. If they are lost, let's offer them hope that they'll find their way and perhaps some guidance. If they are hungry, let's feed them. There is room for all."
Hello Crazyheart! Thanks for bringing the afghans! They will continue to bring a cozy feeling to this room. I look forward to spending time here with you and many others. I'm so glad that wondercafe2 is up and running, and that there will be a "Room For All". In the past year or so I wasn't able to get to wondercafe as often as I would like, but when I did have a moment I always liked to pop into this room, as I knew I would find friends and a warm welcome here. :p Tonight I bring some treats to share.....brownies, mini cheesecakes, buttertarts and cupcakes. They are leftover from the lunch at my mom's house after busyson's confirmation. They are quite yummy, if I do say so myself! Enjoy!
Nice to see the room here. I've put in a coffee machine, kettle, and a selection of coffees and teas (black, green, and herbal). Should we sticky this thread? The originals on Wondercafe haven't needed it because there's always been enough activity to keep it near the top but might be nice to keep it prominent and visible.

EDIT: Oh, and do we want in Social or should it be in Relationships like we've been doing on the old site? I can move it if needed.
Hi Mendalla. Thanks for the awesome additions. I like your idea of the sticky. I wondered too if Social was the right place for this thread, or whether relationships (like before) was better? I am good with whatever works. What do you think? Please feel free to move it if you'd like. It might be more consistent in Relationships.
I'm happy to see it continue as well ChemGal! Thanks to posters like you who have faithfully been keeping the room warm and inviting, "Room For All" has become an important space at wondercafe. I'm hoping that many will find it to be a safe haven on Wondercafe2 too! I am grateful to admin for letting me come in to set up the room. I anticipate it will be bustling with excitement when Wondercafe 2 opens it's doors! :D
I know that i
people only check in weekly or monthly, they come first to the room.
It sometimes becomes full of laughter but I think relationships is the place to keep it.
I knew it was a hit thread when men started dropping by.:p
Hello BusyMom, ChemGal, Mendalla and crazyheart!
I knew that my first post on WC2 would have to be in our wonderful Room For All. I'm so glad that we'll all be able to join together again soon in this cozy place. For those of us who are trying (often in vain) to attempt a gluten/dairy free diet, I brought coconut ice "cream" to accompany the delicious-sounding desserts that are already here.
May this Room continue to burst at the seams!
yumm, coconut ice cream, sounds delicious. I think that I will try a virtual dish. Good that it doesn't impact the hips.

I'm fluffing the pillows and setting out the cribbage board.
The lights are just perfect, not too bright , not too dim, they seem to adjust whatever you need.

Pull up a spot, if you have time, and serve yourself a cup of your favourite beverage.


I am in a hotel tonight, so, virtually connecting with family and friends.
Dealing with a project at work this week that is an urgent issue and resulted in someone no longer working for the company. Not easy time, but easy when you focus on task.
Also, had one of my primary guys end up in hospital for 24hrs, unusual as no input as to why. He is supposed to be in office tomorrow, but, i worry about him.

I feel that I have a hair or something in my eye. Do you ever have that feeling? Missing my good mirror at home.

wow....just figured out posts are saved in draft mode....that is so awesome....
Thank you for setting up this room BusyMom. It's one that I never spent much time in on Wondercafe - but perhaps I will more here on WC2.

Here's a snapshot of my life right now...

Joy - my wife made me my lunch for seminary today - her delicious fried rice and garlic fiddleheads.
Challenge - I'm overdue in handing in two papers for seminary - one on prayer - and a spiritual theology.
Celebration - I rejoice over my youngest Canadian niece confirming her faith this past Sunday in the UCCanada.
Concern - The Ontario provincial election is tomorrow - I hope the right people get in.
Everyday bit - I'm eating both a cinnamon roll and a muffin for breakfast this morning.

As a contribution to the room - I am bringing in some blank canvasses and acrylic paints so we can do some paintings together to help decorate.
I'm happy to see that there are more people posting here now :)

I'm not feeling great today. I work up with a sore throat, but it's almost gone so I'm going to wait that one out. My mouth is a bit more swollen today too, minor but it's concerning me slightly. I finally just grabbed something to eat now. Then I can take my pills and use the mouthwash. Hopefully it's just been a bit too long overnight between doses and that's why I'm having minor symptoms.

It's beautiful out today. I need to go to the pharmacy and then I think I'm going to get some gardening done, as I haven't touched it the last 2 days with all the rain.
Ugh, I'm having a tough time being productive today. I made it to the pharmacy though and spent quite a while there. The wait was much longer than what they told me.
I got into the garden for a bit. My thermometer in the shade was in the low 20s. The weather network says it's 16. I felt like I was getting sunburnt through my t-shirt! I got some weeds out, the rest can stay. The worst spots are where my seedlings haven't come up yet, so I'm hesitant to start pulling things by the roots anyway.

I'm still slightly swollen and in a bit of pain, but it's improved. I think it's mostly because my wisdom tooth is acting up. It's a bit concerning though, as the meds are working for it, so I guess when I get this type of issue it's HAE related. I've had that for quite a few years!
** waving at all the folks who made it into the space and are checking it out, learning and being ready for the new folks who show up.

Thanking you for your time and sharing.

I am away from home and missing family but had a good social evening with fellow employees tonight. I am old enough to be the mom of most of them so able to tease them and laugh a bit.
Haven't had a chance to read all the posts in the room, but I am thankful for this room to be able to come and meet everyone and get a chance to know everyone who posts here.

Hope, Peace, Joy, Love . . .