Relearning old skills: Sewing

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I made my granddaughters each a nightie
Will post photos from computer.

The first one was done before my serger class, but I used the serger. I cut the collar accidentally when sewing it on and the yoke back.

I had done ghe same to my nightie and so, I swore out loud, especially as I did not have enough fabric to make new yokes and collar.

The course taught me about clipping inside curves in order to make a straight line for the serger to sew.

The 2nd worked out quite a bit better after the course.

Buttons are passable, but I know that I can do better for placement.

I have two more ready to sew. Learning and improving with each.


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I have been busy since I wrote this post in August.

I took a course Learn your Machine. It was fabulous, made more so that it ended up being a one-on-one with the instructor, as two people had to cancel last minute. I learned about all the stitches, the various feet, and well, so much more. It has taken my sewing up a notch. One of the best parts was understanding the use of the blind hemming foot -- it is so useful.

I finished the girls nighties, so each have two nighties made with collars, etc, and the older one has one simpler nightie. They have enough now until we need flannel ones.

I went to a "garage" sale put on by the sewing shop, and picked up a bunch more fabric of types that i did not have. Flannelette for my nighties (granddaughters, me & my sister), fleece for projects, plus some fabric with trucks, and similair type items on it, plus some knits for learning how to sew on stretch fabric. I ended up with a significant volume of fabric for next to nothing. (A bolt of amazing fabric perfect for my hunting / outdoor nephews was $20. Unsure if going to make aprons or sleep pants out of it)

I am 1/2 way through two more sewing classes: Learn to Quilt and Learn to Sew (Intro)
These classes are great, as they teach you by doing projects.
Learn to quilt we have
a) learned about fabric, threads and choices in colours, pieced a 9-square block pattern for a potholder, sewn together, and now waiting for the class on free-arm quilting
b) pieced flying geese blocks and a 1/2 triangle blocks, put them together for a pillow front, and now waiting for the class on free arm quilting
c) we will be doing a table runner, learning free arm quiliting and binding in the folowing weeks

In Learn to sew we have
a) learned all about stabilizers, the various types and methods and sewed a little carrying bag
b) learned more about basics while making a bag to put over the arm of a chair or by your bed.
c) going to be learning about zippers -- yay! and more re construction whilst we make a bag -- lots of neat ideas.

Building on those courses, and using my fabric finds
a) I have made 5 pairs of men's pj pants, most were out of my auction fabric, with special fabric from the last one. I learned about doing a fly, trickier than it seems until you get the handle of it. I figured out I could use a button hole to transform fabric from elastic to a cord. I figured out how to put in a ticket, designed one, and added them to the patterns based on feedback from my spouse. (These are gifts).
b) I also made 2 pairs of women's pj pants from fabric. I really learned about the difference in fabric, and how some is so soft and suitable, and others are stiff after washing even. Some is based on quality of fabric, some is by design. In these, and in the other patterns, I figured out where / how to piece fabric together to make a garment when I didn't have enough in yardage to make just out of 1. (Most of my American pattern fabric was 2 yards or less). Lots of fun and learning
c) I then made 3 market bags with front pocket & lining using a downloaded pattern and American pattern fabric pieces combined with some plain fabric picked up at a garage sale. I love these bags, and will add inside pockets to my next one. Great way to use up fabric. Learned that I could save a ton of time and frustration by having a bigger cutting board.
d) experimenting with fleece, made some pants for my older granddaughter who is 3. She loved them when she tried them on for sizing, and didn't want to take them off to finish them. They are rough, but, give me an idea of what to do with fleece as I go on.

As I learn skills, the next one of the same pattern, or which incorporates a concept is much faster.
I have learned that I have a habit of not picking up a seam when serging, primarily due to not being far enough in. Silly really, but a habit that i had. I also realize that i should trim off iron-on facing so i can see the edge of the fabrics

I discovered that you can get patterns at used goods stores. There is a wonderful mennonite one in New Hamburg, and picked up patterns for .50 each.
I am now going to make cross-over aprons for my oldest granddaughter, and soup bowl holders for my son.
After that is sewing up an outfit for my youngest granddaughter's birthday.

Learning a lot and enjoying.
Why I haven't been online a lot.
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