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Luce NDs

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The natural urge to respect all things a demiurge to real humanity that cannot envision virtue as extensive ... beyond the out doors? I'll pick the abstract representation of the greater mine ... an icon represented by a Shadow? Man can that thing soak up Levites ... thus we are off into pleasant rest ... without hurtful side of humanity ... the bloody behaviour left behind as humor, humus ... H'you mist IT!

The enigma of poorly understood extensive word ... it appears to go on ... unfinished work ...

What everything and nothing expected ... as they w'rast-led to get it out ...

The extensive interpretation of a poetic tome is not in the back of the text ... tis beyond that simulation of abstract ... an ogre 's'mented thing they call bored mined ...

Who's they ... the demented and escaped host of ole goads ... stinkers?
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