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81 people were Ritually Human Sacrificed by Saudi Arabia on March 12

(I wonder how much more blood and souls b4 The Black Pharoah can rise again?)
A weakness in India is a sort of vaguely suppressed fondness for sweets. Like really sweet sweets, and that's a niche Tim Horton's can fill.
The following is so cool. Very imaginative.




Dark-themed Parisian nightclubs of the Belle Époque (“Beautiful Epoch”, circa 1871-1914): the Cabaret L’Enfer (Cabaret of Hell), Cabaret du Néant (Cabaret of Nothingness), and the Cabaret des Truands (Cabaret of Truants).

Which reminds me-- I so MISS the funhouses of my youth. The darkness. Slides. Shifting floors. Things touching in the dark. Jets of air. Disorientating lights and sounds and smells. Ahh creativity.
Thus one gets out of here with nothing ... the thing folk fear the most and transfer great emotions about nothing and thus distinct auguring ... dig?

Imagine a spiral hole in the dirt ... could that resemble a dervish? Given all the other failures ... could it be illusionary as a messed up psyche over being admonished for the abstraction? Anything can happen in there causing Absence of Mind ... yes it to is in tomed form ... few read such stuff ... believing it poor (with) no graphics! It can strain and stress the emotional state ... thus psyche sentient orders ... stigmata? There that was nailed down ... in light of the human situation ... forming keel or sole ... verte brakes? It'll support for a bit ...

I repeat my grandfather said love was a great nothing ... as a vacuous void is hard to maintain! Everything oozes ... especially in trancelike states such as mob behaviour where a conned science goes unseen in blind faith ...
Can a person really say such a thing? No ... it is all in your imagination and well, just denied ... thus departure time ... and I've always felt a bit gone ... because of my variable BS!

As the Libra thing valance was shot by neutralizing particles and points arriving in waves ... happens when information systems collapse from severe hacking ... rendering me thoughtless ... what else?

The folk of populace value do not grasp these things because of forceful elimination occurring as impacts and impressions as metaphors for domains of sapience ... things in a man-kind where you can't see them ... abstracts! Absolutely uncertain because of despised knowledge ... they will not learn ... they just wish to rule ... in limited measure as mortal mores allow ... generally without ethic ... the humble part accused of being a stick-in-the-mud as a dirty trick stir! Trixie? Tis a dark scary item ...
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A little fun thing I heard last evening - when in the forest, listen for the song of the White Throated Sparrow - if you notice the length of its call becoming shorter & shorter - head for cover as rain is immenent! This was part of a webinar I listened to which was presented by an Indigenous educator (Joseph Pinawanakat - google Creators Garden for more info) who gave a fascinating talk about how Indigenous languages 'name' birds by describing their many interesting characteristics & what they can teach us.
Interesting info on the white throated sparrow call. That's one thing I miss about the north. Their call is unique
Albert Szent-György, discoverer of Vitamin C, wanted to call the molecule Godnose, because there was much he didn't know aboot it ("God knows") :3

Imagine that vitamin C takes on a light character as endogenous matter ...

This forms an abstract concept that would drive the absolutes crazy given the definition of abstract concept as:
abstruse, arcane, complex, conceptual, deep, general, generalized, hypothetical, indefinite, intellectual, nonconcrete, notional, occult, philosophical, profound, recondite, separate, subtle, theoretic, theoretical, unpractical, unrealistic.

As a complex thought this is out to lunch for those despising thinkers ... as it approaches occult character! Imagine artificial sunshine! Thoughts could take on such glow and draw attention to shadowy character development ...
I was once told that song was thistle birds ... I guess that was wrong ... along with a lot of other things told me in a very determined manner!

Thus a great zone of indetermination in my mind. Is that uncertain by any terms?

Thus many questions that must be asked oddly because normal folk do not like critical questions! It is just the way we are ... for no obvious reason and thus it must be occult, or at least oblivious to what is ... defines blind faith ... no/know!

I was told many things by some really brutish teachers that didn't differentiate regarding holes in the ground ... they couldn't believe there were flaws underfoot! Understood ...
What d we really understand well? Not much if you look around at what the Masters have done ... thus the wasteland concept ... kind've abstract rite! It is a dimension a psyche has to pass through to learn mortal and limited restrictions ...

May appear by times as if you had strings and threads attached ... until you admit to your flaws ... then you can exhibit your scars in proper company ...