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Terry Pratchett (most famous for his hat and Discworld novels) once worked for the Central Electricity Generating Board

Now nuclear waste were transported by rail in what were called Bottles. Which were very safe and nigh impossible to destroy -- they did tests like drop them off of cliffsides into abandoned No Tom Baker quarries -- but there came a time when the Public grew anxious (and you know how we Public can be and anxiety--*looks around at Pandemic, Truckers, LGBT, and so on*)

So Terry Pratchett thought up a good demo

Fire a train from atop a hill at 100 mph (he thought 100 would make better impression than 102 or 97 ferinstance) into one of these bottles in front of 1,500 accredeted witnesses. And call it Operation Smash Hit.

It was a success. The front of the train essentially vapourized and they tested the bottle after and it was intact. The 6.9 bar pressure dropped a mere .02 bar.

British anxiety lessened :3

(there were jokes after aboot now try this with British Rail sammiches)

Here is a British film of the event

Terry Pratchett had so many experiences and talents (he even DMd DND once and got a young girl inadverdantly into a coding career)

My quirky fact is that I came across a quirky fact to post and forgot it. So my quirky fact is that apes have terrible memories. Well, this one anyhow. :rolleyes:
My quirky fact is that I came across a quirky fact to post and forgot it. So my quirky fact is that apes have terrible memories. Well, this one anyhow. :rolleyes:
Did any of it have anything to do with your wife walking by as you were going to type your masterpeice? :3
Quirky heavy metal fact: Tony Iommi's (Black Sabbath) guitar tuning and style, which became seminal in heavy metal, are the result of him losing two fingertips on his right hand in a workplace accident when he was 17. Being a leftie, he uses his right hand on the fretboard so had to adapt to the missing tips.
Saint Augustine apparently thought

in the first founding of the order of nature we must not look for miracles but for that which is in accordance with nature

science has been with Christianity for so long :3
Is human nature miraculous in that folk hate restrictions and laws like:
  • Torte Law
  • Opposing retorts?
Always if something is made from nothing ... there will be something purely alter or opposite ... beas ide the point less travelled ... Kohl under the tree ... deserted essence ...
To give every person on Earth the energy budget of a Canadian we only have to capture .4% of total solar insolation

A worthy and achievable goal :3
COP 28, led by Sultan Al Jaber, it has been found out that unfortunately he is so concerned that the rest of the world is going to renewables that he is trying to poorer countries to buy fossil fuels lol

Poor Sultan

We are winning when the super wealthy have to go slumming to sell their product
Having COP in a major oil producer was a bad idea from the start, to be honest. I'm not sure why people are so shocked at the Sheik's actions. There's no other reason for that country, which essentially loses its entire economy if oil goes away, to host the event than to try to undercut it.

Cute factoid: I bought a new Samsung TV and besides smoking the hell out of my old Toshiba on performance, it has a neat feature. The remote uses an internal lithium-ion battery and has a solar cell on the bottom to charge it (with a USB-C port as well so you have the option of using a cell phone charger for faster charging).
We heard about the pine apple express and that it was worse in Washington State.

The COP stuff is about as bad as the preliminary draft of the emission cap proposal offered by the federal government.