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Go Dominica. I almost went there this year on a cruise but ended up with a different itinerary. 800,000 sperm whales is higher than I expected. A lot of whale species are still well below that. Of the three populations of right whale, only the Southern is even in the thousands.
Incredible, eh?

So good to have Good News :3
there is a store that i can only describe as a nonbinary store -- a section that sells clothes, but doesn't look like clothes, and a section for...I guessed vases, but they don't look like vases...and one section I have no clue as to what they are selling...I remember one wall had this bit of what looked like rope or string on it...
the 1619 Project, which was gushed over by such powers as NYT, and was endorsed by the Pulitzer Centre and even developed a cirriculum...

Wasn't history at all, as the 1619 Project's creator Nikole Hannah-Jones :3

(makes sense. Truth is problematic and it is Power Relations and Deconstruction of Systems of Oppression that are more important under this movement/Faith)
I might have known this at one time and forgotten, but some cute Hollywood trivia: Star Trek star and director Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker in The Next Generation, a role he revisited recently in the Picard series) is married to Genie Francis, best known for her role as Laura in the soap General Hospital back in the eighties. I am a Riker fan (well, eventually, he took his time to grown on me as did the show) and loved Genie in GH (okay, probably crushed on her a bit, both she and her character were seriously hot). Almost 40 years for the couple now, so one of those rare Hollywood marriages that seems to have survived the test of time.