Protejaerah Ney Foyay Eh? Noh Dwahi!!!

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Delightful Life

M&M, Cascadian Lovers
Glad he can be here to add to our Chuckles Canuckles

(like the Ottawa Truckers, he may be too late as PM is allready on his way oot and aboot so he'd better, as a good Christian, heal the sick, feed the poor, clothe the naked while he has all this.power...maybe he can call the Emergency Act on something legal and important; affordability?)
It is unallowable the corporate chimera is against the activity as it could cost the governor something!

Who governs? Is is indeterminate and debatable due to the flaws in the system regarding caring for the alternate's ide!

Thei 's ide thing is metaphor in ultimate form ... ultimately! Intermediates are discounted and eliminated if not scattered, etc, disseminated ...