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This forum is our "Suggestion Box" where you can propose changes to the site. What can you propose?
  • New forums
  • New layout ideas (e.g. re-ordering the forums)
  • Study group ideas
  • Changes to rules or governance
Once a suggestion has been posted, you register your support for it by "voting it up" (click the "up" button that appears above or beside the number of votes).

Council will check suggestions periodically (at least quarterly) and any with a significant number of votes (over 10 for sure, maybe even over 5) will be considered for implementation (but not necessarily implemented right away depending on what it is).

Admins will also review ones that require technical or layout changes to the board to ensure they can be done with the current software and will flag any that cannot using a prefix of "Not Feasible".

There are three prefixes that will be used by Council to flag the status of suggestions:
  • Planned - There is interest based on votes and the idea is feasible. They may take it to News & Business for further discussion or voting rather than implementing right away, but action will be taken
  • Not Planned - Idea has been up for at least one quarter and there does not seem to be any significant interest (e.g. no discussion, <5 votes, etc.).
  • Not Feasible - idea cannot implemented given current capabilities of Xenforo but if there are significant votes, we will monitor future upgrades in case things change
Not open for further replies.