On Happiness!

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Delightful Life

M&M, Cascadian Lovers
Hello folx!

Happiness comes from a word meaning chance, fortune...

It isn't a feeling

So engaging in this amazing adventure called life, despite what life throws at us, is pursuing Happiness!

Those who wrote the Pursuit of Happiness into their Country were pretty schmart cookies I'd say

Also some other related thangs on Happiness

Solon was a Greek statesman who lived 2.5k ago

He had some interesting oft misquoted things to say:

"As for thee, I perceive that thou art both great in wealth and king of many men, but that of which thou didst ask me I cannot call thee yet, until I learn that thou hast brought thy life to a fair ending: for the very rich man is not at all to be accounted more happy than he who has but his subsistence from day to day, unless also the fortune go with him of ending his life well in possession of all things fair. For many very wealthy men are not happy, while many who have but a moderate living are fortunate; and in truth the very rich man who is not happy has two advantages only as compared with the poor man who is fortunate, whereas this latter has many as compared with the rich man who is not happy. The rich man is able better to fulfill his desire, and also to endure a great calamity if it fall upon him; whereas the other has advantage over him in these things which follow:—he is not indeed able equally with the rich man to endure a calamity or to fulfill his desire, but these his good fortune keeps away from him, while he is sound of limb, free from disease, untouched by suffering, the father of fair children and himself of comely form; and if in addition to this he shall end his life well, he is worthy to be called that which thou seekest, namely a happy man; but before he comes to his end it is well to hold back and not to call him yet happy but only fortunate"

And here is some Stephen Anderson in his piece "Hap & Happiness":
"‘happy’ if he or she so chooses—provided their character ultimately proves adequate to the specific challenge of his or her life. The gods may then look with retrospective approval at one's course, strewn though it be with bitterness and pain. And even in life, one may find it a consolation that one has 'done well', so long as one has lived by virtuous principles with noble patience. All of that continuously remains within the control of the individual. We make our own choices, not of our circumstances, but of our responses to them."

So Be Happy and Continue to Pursue Happiness

Hugs to All (0 calories and sustainable)
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