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Our theme in Sundays service was hearing and listening ... two different concepts! Possibly due to superficials ... an offshoot of fascid ...
I had my surgery yesterday. It went very well. I had no issues with the anaesthetic, except that they woke me up from a nice sleep. :confused:

I slept on the recliner last night and it was very comfy. I had a good sleep surprisingly. I have minimal pain. I have one drain that jabs me occasionally. That smarts.

I'm so thankful to have an excellent surgeon who knows his stuff. The care team at the hospital was great. I was a little freaked by the idea of this being day surgery. I was very happy to be home last night though. I trusted the surgeon knew best and he did.
I'm a little more sore today. It's manageable though and not awful. I think Netflix is in my future today. It was a busy day yesterday even though I didn't go outside at all.
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Hoping that next time you post, all drains are out. I sense, from your postings, and my own knowledge via other friends, that the longer periods of "normal" are most helpful to healing and recovery. Getting a breath before that last push, as it were. Love and hugs.
Thanks @BetteTheRed. I expect to get one drain out tomorrow. Hopefully both will be removed. I'm feeling them more now. The nurse said they sometimes start to get pushed out by the body. I wonder if that's happening right now. It could also be because I'm tired of them. :)

i discovered that a warm Magic Bag feels great on the incision area that feels a bit tight. I'm thinking a good hot shower will also be wonderful.

All things considered, this isn't too bad. It's also temporary.
It has been a month since my surgery. I feel pretty good and am healing well. I wrote this on my FB support group. I have not asked about the pathology report yet. Maybe next week.

I am glad October is over. It is often called Pinktober and we are bombarded with breast cancer "awareness" initiatives all month. We're bombarded with pink items where the funds raised will allegedly be given to breast cancer research. Check into where the money is going. Most of this is pinkwashing for marketing purposes. Little money raised goes to any breast cancer fund. The movie Pink Ribbons is an excellent documentary about this phenomenon. Pink Ribbons Inc. I encourage you to watch it to learn more.

Part of the reason I'm glad October is done, besides the constant reminders, is that all this breast cancer awareness stuff has lead to us not taking it as the serious illness/condition that it is. There is the perception that it isn't that bad and that it is curable. I fell prey to this thinking myself. Still, it is a deadly disease that kills people. It is scary.

Some people have contacted me privately to ask more about my surgery. I have been deliberately vague about it for a variety of reasons. While I was ready for it, or as ready as one can be, it was still hard to say or write the words. I had a double mastectomy. I only needed a single but chose a double for a variety of reasons. My surgeon was supportive and agreed to do the double. He did encourage me to have it done in two surgeries and agreed to doing both at once after we talked about it a bit. I have no plans at this point to get reconstruction. I don't want silicone in me and the surgeries involving using the individual's tissue seem far too invasive for what is essentially cosmetic surgery. My breasts were not my most important body part.

I'm thankful to friends and Facebook support groups (I know right) who have shown me that flat is a legitimate option. I'm thankful that my surgeon respected my wishes and only asked about reconstruction without putting pressure on me. I will probably get prosthetics so I have choices. Or I might not. I need to heal a bit more before I make that decision. Speaking of healing, I'm healing well with minimal or at least bearable pain. My neck and foot have caused far more pain than this. I will be calling my surgeon and oncologist on Tuesday to ask about the pathology report. The surgeon was confused by something in it and was going to talk to the pathologist. I suspect he was confused by the same thing that confused me. Nothing horrible, just in the category of mixed messages. I need to clarify a few things. Of course the pile of questions happen after leaving the doctor's office.

I'm thankful to be feeling almost normal again. I have a good amount of energy and am so thankful for that. I am continuing to take this one day at a time.

It has been great to be allowed to follow your posts as you went through each step of this health challenge.

I belong to an online support group for another devastating disease. This morning someone vented about the amount of support she got when she was diagnosed with cancer - and the total uncaring she got when she was diagnosed with the disease we share. She said her life was far more impacted by 'the disease' and barely affected by the easily fixed cancer. Once the cancer was dealt with 'the disease' remained to screw up her activities, getting steadily worse. Many people related to her vent and shared their own stories. Cancer does get a LOT of attention, and so it should. Other diseases deserve some too.
Other diseases deserve some too.

I absolutely agree. This hopefully will be a blip in my life, even though it has the real potential of being more. Other diseases/conditions cause ongoing problems and people with them need support too.
When my sister died from breast cancer, it was her request that we not donate to the pink ribbon campaign....rather look for somewhere that actively does research to donate. It's been 17 years, seems like yesterday sometimes.
Even in that space of time there has been more progress made and hopefully you will benefit from lessons learned.
I'm glad you're doing well, you're really an amazing woman and I thank you for sharing. :love: