Michael J. Morris (qwerty of Wondercafe)

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Absolutely. How sad, really too young, but a life well lived, and a partnership of 50 years.

Pleasant journeys, Michael Morris, thou good and faithful servant. Brightest blessings on your spirit and your grieving family.
Qwerty was a good friend who we had lost touch with covid making it worse.

His health had been compromised through cancer and other complications.

He was my friend, was my dad's lawyer, a sparring partner, a person who made me think.

I am regretting we weren't chatting and I was unaware
He was one of our cast of characters on the original WC. I always enjoyed his contributions and his wit.

And I wondered why he named himself after the keyboard!
Sorry to hear this. I didn't know him well, but he had a dry witty humour that came out from time to time that was exactly whst was needed.