medical involvement

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Neither of us has a way to connect with a neurologist, They are more than three hours away.
Ugh, hopefully one day we will have messaging with all of our doctors. I did this with my herpetologist a few times to ask about medications. Much easier than calling and going through others first!
Such a difficult predicament Kay. When you say 'down he went' - did he faint? fall? loose consciousness? If he has a shunt (some do after brain injury) - dizziness & vomiting can be a symptom of shunt blockage & need attention for sure.

While the doctor cannot discuss with you anything about your son without your son's consent, s/he CAN listen to you if you call to report these incidents. Now whether they will or not is variable. Sometimes a family member would call our team, explain that they understood the limits of confidentiality and request us to just listen & note their concerns, which we did. The fact that he continues to drive in the face of having some sort of drop attack is very concerning - not just for him but for others also.
It sounds like he gets dizzy and can't keep his balance without holding a chair or something. He doesn't have a shunt - he is missing a large chunk of his left temporal lobe and has diffuse damage throughout his brain.
If this doesn't solve itself (his doctor could be right in thinking it is heat related) I will try a non demanding chat with my own doctor in the same Medical Group. Hopefully this could lead to something useful.
I feel like I have treat this like walking a tightrope - very carefully!