Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans

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John Lennon said that. That’s generally my motto unless it’s reaally important. Like, moving, i’d start packing a couple of weeks in advance...though I have done the two day scramble of all nighters, leaving it to the last minute because I hadn’t booked extra time off - which is not a good idea...I generally don’t have much to move. Of course sometimes I have no choice but I don’t like planning to be planning to plan constantly. The others in my house are going away for a week to the same place they go every summer. Not leaving until sometime mid Friday. I got up at nine and my step father was already getting the suitcases out...which took about 3 minutes. I said “Good morning! I thought you guys were going on Friday.” He said, “we are, but that’s how people plan.” (No, not everybody). It drives me nuts! I have a doctors appointment on Wed - 5-10 minutes away by car, 20 min by bus, and he was already trying to plan my day on my behalf on Saturday. He’s a retired teacher, that’s usually the accepted reason. My mom was also a teacher for a couple of years when she was in her 20s. They (my folks) have to have super control over everything in their orbit. How annoying.

Unless i’m working or required to make reservations...I hate planning too far in advance. If it were me I would be getting suitcases out on Thurs afternoon. I imagine on day 3 of their cabin-camping trip he will probably be planning packing and getting home. So much for relaxing. Scheduled relaxing is not as relaxing as actual free time. I won’t be there so it won’t bug me. Some people plan in order to relax, I think...those with OCD tendencies go a bit overboard.

Are you super-planners? How do you relax?
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I think that the original quote said “ Life happens when you are busy making OTHER plans”, in the sense of life is throwing you curve balls that you have not expected. I don’t think that it was generally meant for/ or against planning per se.
Planning and spontaneity are part of one’s personality. Both could turn unhealthy and lead to difficulties managing one’s life and/ or relationships. Important to have the right travel partner either way if you want to enjoy a vacation.

I am more of the planning type, reading up on the vacation destination and deciding what I want to see or do and getting up early, as morning is my best time. I traveled with people twice who would sleep in until 11 , then have 1 1/2 breakfast before they would hit the road again. Needless to say, it didn’t work out that well. ( I usually wake at 5.30). As I said, travel partner have match, no matter what type you are.
( and unless you have an unusual and exceptional relationship with your parents- never travel with them longer than two days, if at all.)


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I'm not a spontaneous person. I do procrastinate. For a week's trip that far away I would be getting some laundry done, figuring out if I need to get more meds (blood bank stuff and supplies would be getting too late to order).

I could see possibly having suitcases out if Chemguy would be gone during the week, as with all the stuff in closets sometimes I need help. I doubt it would even occur for me to ask that soon though.

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Life does thro' curve balls ... the straight liners will never accept it!

No matter what the plans ... the gods will interfere ... just to support conflict and opposition ...