Let's beware of the populist Right Wing of the Internet this time

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Sometime between 2011 and 2016, I noticed increasingly the use of "facts don't care about your feelings" and similar tropes, not just thrown around to support actual facts, but to put down anyone who cared about a social issue. Also, to put down women. I remember when people here said that often to me just as a means of dismissal of views, to be hurtful and how demeaning it was, and how they went at me harder as I reacted in dismay - popular tropes, to put down people who do not live lives stripped of humanity which included emotion, and who find that problematic. Then the attack on "SJW"s (I think people need to reclaim the Social Justice Warrior label without shame). We found out that there was incredibly toxic force manipulating voters on the Internet - these tropes and memes ending up in countless Facebook updates, etc, of regular people. It turns out it was a real life melding of sociopathic Internet nerds, coming from the gamer sphere and men's rights forums, and a weird sometimes confluence of fundamentalists and new atheists denouncing the SJWs, denouncing compassion in general - capable of a lot of damage. That did not surface in my conscious awareness for a long time - that is, the point at which things turned and how. I purposely researched it. Ben Shapiro (yes he really does talk like a fast robot) - one of the IDW Gang - was one of the major influencers. He still is. I never followed him, never bought into anything he said, but he was promoted to regular people (here also) without any social toxicity warnings. Among others. It's bled over into our politics and discourse. Here's the problem, made obvious - Ben saying empathy and politics don't mix. He has a big influence. I realize that some older folks do not understand that the Internet is far more influential on young adults who are now a large demographic, than the MSM is. But it is. I hope the older voters are aware this time how insidiously dangerous some of the right wing influencers are. Whatever a reasonable conservative is - they are not steering the right wing anymore. Neither in the US or Canada.

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Recall that humanity hates to give up anything once they've possessed it (or been possessed with the association) in sheer contraire to the command to give until it hurts ... then in pain one learns about unknowns!

Some will repeat: "I didn't know that" and the puppets nose grew! A small Odin ... until cut loose as related autonomy! That society that's out of the present now ... remnants are in your mind ... a disposed item according to denial ... that's nus!