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We have music threads, how about a dance thread?
Post your favourite, funniest, complex, etc...dance moves.
Time for some fun.
I remember seeing that first as quite a small child, about the same time I was introduced to The Nutcracker.

Yul Brynner had such a joyous presence sometimes.
In a whole bunch of areas. He's also a visual/multi-media artist (I don't know if I have any of his prints left, but I did purchase and give away a few; very organized symmetrical yet emotional images). Unfortunately, about a year after that concert, he and his Dad were in a bad car accident where they were both injured, but his dad almost died. Left a real scar on his psyche, it appears. He's still active, but never went back to finish his diploma/degree, and seems a bit isolated today (he spent a lot of time making homemade bows - as in to project an arrow from - from scratch last summer). He videotapes the adventures of small insects. He's a bit of a riot.