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Thus far, my only gardening has been a commitment to cut the front grass/weeds (mower is charged, but it took me half a day yesterday to move it from behind a motorcycle and a stack of boxes), and a look over the property to identify good plants to split/move for my plant sale, coming up in a week and a half. Having our pot(ting) party tomorrow. Oh, and I stuck a tomato and an eggplant and a couple of basil plants in a monster pot in front of the big guys' door. And I'm 3/4 of the way through a laundry backlog, so I'm LAST, feeling rather better about today's accomplishments than I thought I might.
And they call the wind Mariah ... and few know where the great ones originates and goes too ... because they don't wish TU ... and the dance goes on, sometimes over the waters! Other times as light winds to set Joel off ... torches in the dark???? What are they up to? Generally we are told what to think of that ...

Jæ Σues ... an icon illustrating an err in transliteration bursts out as imminent emanation of something small in the great extent of what's overhead. what's yet beyond us? Thus we swing through what the flatliners deny as ... well you know even if obscurely as a dark thing ... a pro Po? The metaphorical myths built on this are X tense ... thus meta forest ... supplying phlogiston ... said t be mythical to some that don't understand combustion and spontaneous functions ... Σ sums up us as nothing to the vast portion that's out there in irony, satyr and other poorly understood literary devices ... like convoluted lyres ... hummers as vernacular buzz ... expressed frustration on inequitable matter ... thus we lack stability, or equilibrium in philosophical terms ... psychotics put forth that philosophers are insane ... alternately the same view is seen as reciprocation in space due to gravitational lenses ... mysterious?

Reach for it with an adequate stick ... crooked? That's ز in Semitic times ... ari bic script ... not that alien if you know how it flies in a blip! Phonetically yah keep the lips apart to form the guttural stop ... from the mouth of man? Loe down ... matters wished to be unknown as shaman shy of powers? Black bloomers ... or dark Eros ... sight unseen! As they were ignorant of what was coming on their place ... un education? Need for censors? Thus seed explodes ignorantly ... only so much intellect to go round and we are confused over what should be aborted ...

Lawrence of Arabia was exposed to how Arabic icons entered the English spin ... it drove Lawrence over the berm ...
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Good. I actually had a guy from Colorado on my writing boards complaining about smoke from Alberta reaching all the way down there. Maybe that's how the winds are blowing now. :D
I don't think it really matters what direction the wind is blowing as it's reached NY and N Carolina and we only had one day of west winds...the satellite images they show on the news shows that's a massive amount of smoke so I'm surprised we weren't in worse shape all last week
From the Prior, that people do not accept as being honestly a' priori: to learn English wasn't the original icon! The emanation became obvious ... as it turned out ... but covered up by corrupting mediums on their poles! The past being disposed because of Eire leaning towards rejection ... thus it wasn't as expressed by incarnate! It all settled on the River Stix ... loggers ... storied history?

All about tree wisdom ... Dr Seuss ... and those that said: "cut that out!" Scorchers ... blazing ends ...
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Similar here, really. Haven't checked Environment Canada today to see how much longer the nice weather is due to last.
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How's that? :giggle: