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Luce NDs

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Well may be a deep hole in the sands of time as experienced in NA and extensions ... circumstantial as derived from circumstance of the action of the environmental essence ... then as usual ... Gone with the Wind or hubris!

These too die down in time ... allowing pile up on the shoal ...

Luce NDs

Well-Known Member
Shoal may produce crusty old beasties ... and Molly the hard shell one ... she floats as fey, flippant and undecided given the peculiar uncertainty that is a theory in life that differs from some stands and piles ... heaps on insecurity allowing for extreme computations ... permutations allowing for pause and permissiveness of rest! That's the thundering left ... one winging it ... with considerable variations ...


Still knitting. Walking the path to health.
Last as I sit with my feet up working on a crochet throw for a craft show coming up. I had a good day with a friend having lunch then doing some shopping together. I'm pooped.