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.I,m having trouble transfering a shirt response from Word to my rhread on Reading the Bible.
It transfers fine to this thread. I'll go back and try again.

Three of today's readings begin with the familiar story of the Transfiguration. When Jesus took three of his disciples up the mountain and was transfigured before them while speaking with Moses and Elijah. His disciples heard the voice of God reaffirming what it did heard Jesus baptism this is my beloved son. They wanted to built three tabernacles and remain on the mountain Jesus told them they must go down and also told them to tell no one what they seen and heard.

All three gospels continue on story of the disciples failing to heal the epileptic

No, but you know what does control epilepsy? My favorite herb. I have a client for my cookies who has an auto-immune disease with resulting insomnia and tremors. 1/2 cookie in the evening, and her tremors ease and she sleeps. My 90 year old mother in law type has started using CBD oil as a treatment for restless leg syndrome.
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