International Pronoun Day

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One with keen eye
I noticed in chart notes that especially the young nurses/ therapists/ rehab assistants tend to use “they “ as pronoun.
I'm a bit surprised as healthcare usually has gender listed. It's good to not assume pronouns based on gender but I'm a bit surprised in a good way that's occurring, I'm guessing for instances where people have put male or female and not just in cases where a nonbinary gender is listed.

Luce NDs

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The reason that this can be important is that, depending on surgeries chosen by a female to male transperson, a person who presents as male may choose to get pregnant and breastfeed.

I'm going to fix my profile to add my pronouns. Once we go back fully to church, to the point where we're using name tags again, I've asked the name tag prep woman if she could add an optional field for pronouns to the standard name tag, and she was cool with that. We also offer little rainbow stickers to add to your name tag, if you wish, to identify particularly as an LGBTQ2S+ ally. (And yes, I'm one of two leads on Affirming initiatives in my congregation.)
That sounds pro numinous and private ... stunning?

Luce NDs

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It is not as if loudly pro noun ... Cid is ... so saith heh! (old Hebrew word for space ...)

When tossed into the fray it went ... word is like that ... soon to be pas-sah! Thus headed up ... into the void ...