How was church today?

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Our minister put the video from yesterday's service in our church YouTube group. She apologized for the technical issues. I asked if there had been any advance warning about the illness outbreak and she said only the cancelation of the choir event. She agreed advance notice would have been appropriate and said they would have to work on that.
Church today was the closing part of the Canadian Shield Regional Council's Annual meeting. It was beautiful. Our minister became ordained. I sang in a joint choir. The ballroom of a local hotel was PACKED. The moderator delivered the message, and we got to listen to her and converse with her several times throughout the weekend. She's pretty amazing! The whole weekend was so full of energy, enthusiasm, praise and hope. take that into the rest of my ordinary life, and my church life.
I decided to watch church on YouTube. It seems others did too because apparently it was a small group. I wanted to give the place more time to be clear of the covid outbreak. There was a retired pulpit supply yesterday. He's a well loved former minister for this congregation. He was great. He spoke of romantic love vs reality and about loving others in general. He had a dry wit at times and used it to make his point well.
No church for me, as per usual. However, this morning I received a photo on FB about the consecration of the new Bishop of Saskatchewan. I tried to send it here but was unsuccessful. Their webpage is easy to find, if you are interested. When I saw the photo I immediately thought "Now that is an interesting change in traditional roles. Women in pants at the altar rail being served food by men wearing dresses. More often the women prepare and serve the food"..
No - I didn't share my thought on FB.
We celebrated a regular church attender yesterday…She turned 100 years old! So…older than the United Church. She is still pretty sharp memory-wise too. A good news story.
Lovely service yesterday. I was reading. Sat in pew alone, as big guy and best friend had other plans, respectively. Wore a shalwar kameez in honour of Asian History month. On a bit of a sad note, it was a green silk one that I've never worn, that I had saved for my hoped for wedding with the hippie...
I was raised as a article of phonetic image ... in church last Sunday ... few believe in the prior Christians of Rome as Aramaic light ... engravings ...

Ever research the identity of Aramaic Alphabet? It is quite a tale ...
I went to church for the first time in about a month today. Our minister left and moved up north. We have a local minister who will be filling in for three months. She works 3/4 time at her church an hour away and this will be the other quarter. Today was her first day. She will be a good fit.
Our minister is on holidays for the month of July so we have guest worship leaders. Our congregation numbers dwindle considerable. Yesterday, I led worship and it was the smallest turnout of the entire year. I'm trying not to take it personally! But I enjoyed crafting a message on "The Compassion of Jesus", and a few people mentioned very specific things they got from the message. That always makes me happy...that I could inspire a thought, an idea, or maybe even an action (although I am not really the source of the inspiration!)
Our minister is now on holiday for six weeks. I enjoy the variety, and unpredictability of summer services.
So does your church do lay supply or guest preachers? I've seen both and did lay supply myself for three summers in my family church. Dad was chairing worship during that period and was happy to accept the help. (That's UCCan. In UU, lay supply is the norm.)