How was church today?

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Nancy - that situation sounds really tricky. I wish I could make a helpful suggestion. Sometimes the fact that a difficulty is church related seems to make it extra challenging.

i wish I could offer smm help be

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Exquisitely ordinary :3

(Not every day can be society-shattering novelties!)

That was Sun

Today was my biweekly fellowship as part of the yardcrew. Spent the day trimming ivy from trees and yakking aboot various things

Looking forward to the 10th when a WHOLE SHWACK OF CHRISTIANS HIKE UP THEIR HUMMINAHS AND ENMASSE DO THEIR CARTAKING AND GARDENING DUTY :3 (the Wisteria is getting airs again)

followed by next day BBQ--who I have been spreading the news aboot esp to the various homeless folx I know of

Luce NDs

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Soft ethics ... there may be more to the posted ends supporting the alternate ...

Too far on one extreme can cause conflicts ... thus gatherings have purpose that is not for hard-shells that hate to expand literacy ... as the Walrus stated ... time comes ...

Do hard times teach about nemesis? It comes down to that buy time! Get a purchase onit/onus?


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I have led worship three weeks in a row at three different churches. I have been suffering with varying degrees of my cold/respiratory infection at each one. Needless to say, my hoarse voice and occasional cough probably made the congregations suffer too! But yesterday, at a two-point charge, I received so much love and affirmation. The message was a tough one (Jesus using the word hatred in terms of family and life itself!) but somehow, with Help, I hit the right chord with some people. But the neatest thing yesterday was meeting a retired minister from Minnesota. He read scripture, and he read it in the most amazing way: reverent, real, thoughtful, personal. I was absolutely blown away. I thanked him for the gift of his interpretation, and his reading.

This may be the high note I go out on. My husband starts cancer treatments soon, and I won't take any more church services. And yes...I'm no longer licensed to do them, but I still do a few when churches seem desperate. The one yesterday was fun because my mom came...It's where she got married in 1955, and her grandfather built the church.


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Watched the DRCC service for last Sunday at supper yesterday. Sheldon provided an interesting take on the parable of the potter. It prompted me to write my first reflection in almost 2 weeks.

The potter remade the clay object possibly to make something more appropriate for that piece of clay. The first failure or fault revealed the potter's original goal did not suit the clay as it was so another design was chosen..