How was church today? March 8th edition.

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Something overcame me yesterday at church. During Communion, I started to tear up. It took me completely by surprise, and I tried to hide it from anyone who might notice. I just looked out (from my spot in the choir) at the congregation, and thought of what I know of some of the struggles they are facing and some of their strengths...and I was overwhelmed by feeling that I love them all. So much for head games and theology....Pure feeling.


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Distracted for me. I got last minute reminder that my team was in charge of the potluck, and so I was in and out of the kitchen plating food, adjusting oven temperatures, making tea and juice, etc. , then clean up as soon as I'd wolfed down some food. Stopping only to sign all of the Amnesty letters and petitions. And the rev isn't using the lectionary this Lent, but rather walking through the last week, a Sunday at a time, using Borg and Crossan's The Last Week, as a resource. I've read the book more than once, this is disconnecting me from the Wednesday morning study, so I'm not thrilled, but other people like it.

Also, we're in the middle of a major AV upgrade - screens, projectors, computers, so the AV was also distracting, instead of helpful. However, when most services are great, it's not awful that some are a little less pleasing than others.

@Nancy, I sometimes tear up in a service, particularly a communion service. It's always unexpected, and quite healing. I consider it a blessing.