Hospital stays

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My brother was in Sick Kids in the early 70's for surgery and recovery. My mom spent many hours there as I remember. I visited a few times and found it quite awful. The building was very old and the atmosphere bleak.

There has been at least one major rebuild since those days. They have become more family - friendly too, I hear.

And senile nurses tend to be Grim ... leading to exponents ... read the Garp World Story (as pun dark) mysterious activity under midnight sun ... the unconscious once down ... under stood? Vacancies in the ether ...
Where I am is too grey/ green/ white. The last ward/ different hospital was more state-of the art. Warmer paint, warmer lighting where halogen lights were not needed, more wood detail. I have come to the conclusion that the stark, cold, hospital concept only adds to hospitals feeling like hell on earth.

This place looks like it was built late 60s/ early 70s. It’s not super old. Actually the window design - a strip of outward/upward sloped windows across centre of the wall with a wide windowsill underneath- reminds me a bit of Hollywood spaceship from about that time. It’s Star Wars and/ or 2001 A Space Odyssey-like. It was probably state-of-the-art when built - architecturally and functionally. Not now though. And it needs a new colour scheme.
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Good observation that the appearance of the facility can impact mood.

Not sure if I have ever been in a state of the art setting. That's cool that you were.
Hospitals I have been in have all seemed very basic and institutional - with miles of corridors that all look the same. This is a problem for me now, and made worse by my difficulty reading small directional signs.

The chosen colours often seem decidedly weird. I was recently in an area of one hospital that was decorated in four different greys - that really didn't belong together and left me feeling uncomfortable. Two were shades of the same colour (light and darker), one had a brown tint and another some blue. The end result was pretty gross! I found myself wondering who chooses this sort of thing?
We had two hospitals (Catholic and Protestant) on our beautiful waterfront, looking across the St. Mary's River. I remember thinking how nice for people to be on the side of the hospital where they could look out at the water. But the other side? Just a busy city street. The hospital is in a different location now. It's a newer and nicer building, but I think some people (me!) would prefer that water-view.
Good observation that the appearance of the facility can impact mood
I agree- that’s why I don’t understand that Canadians love grey. I don’t find that grey is even a colour.
However, every time one of my best friends renovates their house, it is just another shade of grey. I am having a hard time pretending that it looks good. All the furniture in the stores is mostly grey. My dentist renovated his office- in grey.
I am more the Ikea colour of the 70 ties and 90 ties kind of person.
Juravinski was wonderful. Great art and collections on display.

Helped to pass the time looking at it.

Many hospitals are tired. With limited budgets, why spend on decorating.
Back in the 80s and 90s, we spent 5 days in the hospital following a C-section.

Now, people are out quickly

Hospital stays have greatly reduced.
I agree- that’s why I don’t understand that Canadians love grey. I don’t find that grey is even a colour.
However, every time one of my best friends renovates their house, it is just another shade of grey. I am having a hard time pretending that it looks good. All the furniture in the stores is mostly grey. My dentist renovated his office- in grey.
I am more the Ikea colour of the 70 ties and 90 ties kind of person.
Thank you. I don't like it as paint at all and can't imagine painting a room grey on purpose. A matter of taste I guess.
I did see a stunning mudroom with charcoal black walls.
What would be nice was with sending people home, providing appropriate support! After my biopsy I had 2 numbers I was given. Tried them both and neither helped me out at all with a complication.
Design is so important - it's improving greatly in many of the new hospital builds. Retrofitting is super expensive, so often it is not done. It's a big challenge to balance hard wearing easy to clean surfaces, good accessibility & safety for people with all types of issues (both patients & staff), acoustic & visual privacy, healing environments with views of nature, suitable storage, overflow accomodation, technology access and shrinking budgets.
I remember when they started painting prisons with shades of pink because it had a calming effect.
I'm curious if you expect a hospital stay as like a hotel stay and if so, what class of hotel
Anyone remember the ruckus when the nurses' association said that without nurses, hospitals would be just hotels with bad food?

The food service people countered that without them, hospitals would be just buildings filled with starving people!!!
My aunt (now deceased) was in the hospital for months several years New Jersey. We went to visit, and were blown away by the quality of her meals. She got a menu to choose from each day, and the menu was from the restaurant that was located in the hospital. We ate at that restaurant sometimes and it served great food. There was not sense of canned/watery anything, but real food, cooked by a real chef. The down side was that she didn't feel like eating.
Just like in older office areas, the warrens / mazes of old buildings can prove to be challenges.
50 years ago, the Sick Kids buildings were quite tired. It was hard to move around them. I was in a ward as stretchers couldn't go around the door into the small semi.

I had a few bad experiences in that stay, which I think in most cases, technologies and new layouts would resolve.
1. I had a myelogram at my local hospital which went on much longer than was expected. Less than 24hrs later, I was being transported to Sick Kids. Problem: I likely was sat up too early following it. In addition, for some reason, my pain med information didn't make it to the doctor at the new hospital. Result: Severe headache, plus my original pain, and only allowed mild aspirin type pain meds. I was in agony. The nurses did their best, but, it was an ugly 48hrs until I could get back to my previous levels. This would be less likely to happen now with electronic records.
2. Had to go see a gynecologist. The porter took me down. The gynecologist staff would not believe that I couldn't walk. (well, i could but with insane pain). They made me walk through a maze to the table, then, did the exam, then made me walk back. They called the floor, and told the staff they couldn't do the exam, as I was uncooperative (or some such). When the nurse came down to get me, rather than the porter, they were livid. I was a blabbering mess. She tore a strip out of them, She informed my doctor. The gyn* apologized the next day. I seem to recollect that they did an exam in the ward with privacy curtain. I know that i didn't go back down. I think most areas now have better transition equipment
3 I had to have IV antibiotics for weeks. With Sick Kids, they used to give you a splint, and wrap lots of cloth around it. I guess kids would pull them out. I was complaining that my arm hurt, IV wasn't right...just a bit. I tend not to complain a lot, just put up. At one point, the nurse on the ward, looked at it, and realized that my IV needle was no longer in the vein. (Extravasation) . It wasn't pretty.. I think they likely have better ways now of protecting and detecting.
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So, I'm hanging in a hospital again.

Seems to be something that i can do.

Spent a lot of time in the hospital in May in Cambridge, ON supporting my spouse.

Now I'm in the Midwest US supporting my sister.

Patient food: significantly better and more responsive: Cambridge. Dietician was brilliant. My goal today is to ask doctor if dietician is engaged in meals here for people with special needs and if so, can we meet with them.

Rooms: about the same for similair type needs: ie IC. Huge bathrooms with shower areas for wheelchairs. Patient setup about the same though maybe things like table for eating were better in Canada. For the visitor, in the US, there is a pullout couch in the room. Great for overnight support. (3 to 6am ate the witching hours)

Visitor food: much better in US. Cafe that is decent and inexpensive, including free coffee. In Cambridge we only have Tim Hortons

Care: seems similair. Nurses care. Occasionally you get someone who isn't having a great day, but equally, you get stellar ones. Maybe a bit less clinical, ie more personal in US, but that could be the patient's situation
Things to get for patient who is ill

1. Access to linens, and if can't get yourself, then ensure request.
Whether it being able to help put on a fresh gown, do a warm (or cold) face cloth, or just a clean or warmed sheet ...they can calm and comfort a patient

2. Food they can eat, when they want it.
For my spouse that meant ubereats deliveries and tim Hortons runs. For my sister, it's fresh fruit that can be managed such as blueberries (not grapes).

3. Medication records
Advocate for appropriate meds and track, ie had this at 2am, due for meds at 4 am, stay on top pf the pain and advocating. Sometimes that is ensuring a very ill patient can communicate.

5. Chargers, etc. Items that can help communicate when they are able to do so

What else would you add?