Heaven and Hell, by Bart Ehrman

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And many denominations continue to preach that when we die we immediately go to heaven or somewhere.

Not related, but sometimes I do wonder with the advance of science if it will be possible to "resurrect" our bodies through our DNA if our bodies are buried and through procedures like CRISPR we will be made perfect.
Of course, there's also the transhumanist idea of uploading our minds (basically creating a computer duplicate of our neural pathways) to some kind of network and then being able to download it into new bodies. Which basically means we are creating a form of the Greek immortal soul and the reincarnation that we saw in The Aeneid in Chapter 3.

One things you see a lot in transhumanist sf is people getting virtual immortality by have a stock of cloned bodies that they can download into so that "dying" just means losing memories and learning since the last backup.
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