Happenings Around Ontario

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The Ford government plans to privatize a prime city park and spend over $600 million dollars subsidizing a private spa and residential development. Their public transit construction has delays and disrupts traffic. They have a pilot program allowing alcohol consumption in 27 parks. They have their first progressive mayor in a long time.
Is alcohol something that should be a free decision and not pushed for the sake of business, government and darker BS as they claim it is bad and yet ...

Would alcohol be such a problem without massive ADs; supported by churches that accept government support?
What is going on in Toronto, eh?

Several venues have cancelled bookings by Canadian comedian Ben Bankas ahead of an anticipated cross-Canada tour after he posted a skit of Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow on social media.

Plus, a TDSB trustee is calling on the school board to suspend all dealings with a controversial DEI consultancy following the suicide of a long-time principal.

And the Toronto Police Association is slamming Mayor Olivia Chow for her silence on violence against cops.
Stuff Toronto. How about the rest of Ontario? Here in London there's ... well, not much. Summer festival season is back on in force after the pandemic. Some controversy over a new plan for homelessness. I personally like it, but I know some are concerned about aspects of it.

Hmmm. That about does it.

There was talk about the 2020 Airshow upthread. The London Airshow has kept the drive-in format while also reinstating ground displays. They've actually been voted best in North America a couple times, IIRC, largely due to their innovation during the pandemic. I am on the mailing list but haven't gone yet.
We have gotten lots of rain, lots of heat, lots of thunderstorms. The Ontario Liberals won a byelection in Kanata that had been Conservative since the 1930s and Ford is blaming it on the Conservative messaging in the election campaign as though people do not care about his rape of public resources for the sake of his developers friends, cuts to education and health care, and stuff like that.

There are festivals and concerts and games all over the place. The Glengarry Highland games, the largest outside of Scotland, are either this coming weekend or the next in Maxville, about 40 km from where we live.

We had a country music festival in Hawkesbury last weekend.
Imagine breaking humanizing contracts .... in the competitive sphere ... the bubble would collapse!

No little essences racing around the core group ... Pro's?

May resemble seminal egg heads ... UP?