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Anuther example of why I like Canada; like a hoooge town or village

Manitoba folks, how goes the physical distancing hand washing n mask wearin?



Is Being Human
School bus drivers in Winnipeg School Division are officially on strike just as some students are heading back to class amid already uncertain times.

The strike began at 7 a.m., confirmed United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 832 Tuesday.

“This morning we will be scheduling and assigning picket line shifts. Drivers will walk the picket line starting tomorrow,” according to a statement from the union.

The strike of 90 drivers will impact about 2,300 students who rely on the bus system to get to and from school.


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(1) SCHOOL DAZE (1960s):
(a) In elementary school we used to sing the patriotic song "The Maple Leaf Forever," which celebrates Gen. Wolf's victory over Montcalm and thus of the English over the French. I lived in a largely French Canadian suburb (St. Vital) and now wonder why French Canadian parents tolerated this.
(b) Our public high school classes began with a Scripture reading. Our home room teacher didn't want to do it; so he asked for volunteers and I raised my hand. I picked texts that spoke to current events. I still chuckle when I recall reading the Gospel prophecy about latter-day earthquakes, a reading that elicited gasps! Shortly thereafter school Bible reading was discontinued.
(c) In 7th grade Jimmy's misconduct was so bad that our science teacher banged his head against a steel pipe until he bled! Jimmy's dad's only question was what he did to provoke this abuse!

I wonder whether such practices occurred in your district's schools. I assume such practices wouldn't happen in Manitoba now.

My American friends don' t believe me when I tell them that when we Winnipeg kids went out, we shouted "Halloween Apples!" instead of "Trick or Treat!"
Of course we were disappointed when we go apples instead of candy,

(3) Winnipeg was a safe city to walk around in at night when I lived there. Now it often rates as the Murder Capital of Canada. What created this change?

Luce NDs

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What created this change? --- mystical commentary!

The desire to make violent change? Many prefer this mode as they feel it causes quicker means to coming up with further mistakes ... which someone makes profit on!

Sometimes seen as collapsing logos ... a failure in sentience! One may have to read into the lines provided! Depth at the well head ...