Greens in trouble?

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And the gong show continues. They misgendered their own interim leader at a party event. The president has resigned. Allegations flying right and left, including against the once-respected former leader Elizabeth May. Canada really needs a party like this but it looks like we are going to lose them, at least at the federal level. Some of the provincial parties are faring well and probably need to cut themselves off from this nonsense and keep on keeping on.

Why yes, the reporter is right. It IS quite insane

I'm glad the reporter mentioned the unfortunate effects that such good advocacy groups (eg Planned Parenthood, PRISM) are going through, slowing down and faltering, being derailed by those who focus on Being Pure and Without Sin in the CSJ sense (being descriptive here, not proscriptive)

I'm glad not everyone is doing this or is trying to distance themselves (including one of my fav youtubers, Contrapoints) from these shennigans that clog up the works?


More peace
What was that? Did Bessie birth 4 lil uns? Hot darn. Time for a BARNSTORMIN!!!

PS i guess part of it is like any other new faith, belief, philosophy, it goes through a period of storming before it forms and norms? I allready see two different "schools" of CSJ
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Hear hear
I much prefer Localism
As people local to the area know a lot more aboot the needs, etc of their area than someone not from the area and so on...
Which is why we vote for a local MP, not the PM. They are supposed to provide that local voice at the federal level.

We need the Greens federally if only because they have policies that can only be implemented at that level.
And it does spread ... green inductees! Fertility is thus introduced to agitate something ...

May appear later as an ode to tribute! What's an ode? Terrible spot ...
I miss the days of Jim Harris even though he was a bit right wing from my point of view.
I miss the days of Jim Harris even though he was a bit right wing from my point of view.
That's when I started voting Green, but it wasn't long before May came along. I am a bit right wing on some issues myself, though.

Unfortunately, the demise of the Greens really leaves me out at sea politically. Given these recent furors that suggest some rather old-school, conservative thinking still lingering in their leadership and ranks, I can't vote for them in good conscience.

Maybe back to the NDP (as I did in 2021) but I have some unresolved beefs with them and I would need to take a hard look at their policies. The Libs leave me feeling cold and the Cons need to crawl back under their rock and leave us alone until they get some sense and move back to the old PC centre-right position.