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Why do fools fall in love?

Naivete ... a form of ignorance if you can spin some mud about it! it does throw off politicians of the radical edge ...

Forever off base and thus higher than Kite Flyers ... (oh crap a book instead of a song ...)
Another Saturday Night
(to get back to the regularly scheduled game)

What is regular and ordinary given all the lies we've been told by those of the powerful unknowing sector ... thus bolted or screwing off to extract monies from the po' a Koine ... a wordy production?

Accept it as common as John prostituted or other wise laid out ... head loss expedition ... right up there with the horseman of smoky hallo ...

Response is reasonable ... ... just to express hospitality!
Be advised (yet again) that this is a game thread for song titles, not for extraneous commentary. Everyone is welcome to participate in the game, but the extracurricular commentary is unnecessary. On behalf of WC2 Council, thank you for your cooperation.