Game - Alphabet movies and shows, A-Z

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Happy headbanging ape!!
We haven't had a new game in a while. This one has been running forever on another board I'm on so I'll see if it flies here. Someone posts the title of a movie or TV show, then the next person has to post another title beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. When you hit Z, circle back to A. Articles are ignored (in fact, I suggest using a format like "Fistful of Dollars, A" to keep them from confusing people). Movies with subtitles (e.g. Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) should use the subtitle (e.g. Return of the Jedi).

So, it could go something like:

Cat People
Dark City

And lets keep this flowing and on-topic, please. Small digressions or comments below your answer or bracketed are fine, but this is not a discussion thread or a place for commentary on unrelated matters.

Are you ready? Here's something to start us off.

Absolute Beginners