Forum Game: Make a five word sentence with the last word of the previous one

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Thanks for space; Stoe 'd thoughts!

(where else would we put'm as intelligence is mostly eliminated in a world of freed desires ... we're shafted! M'N on a stick, mu'si)
Sleeping nails down vigorous thoughts!

(thus rearrangement in the dark zone; an old theory ... everything being theory ... as in theo log ... a journal)
Brains: can they handle nonsense?

(perhap snot so they back off like phlegm, tacky connective substance ... insubstantial? Beware of the catch)
I am in the triad?

(triangular patch as one half of the Hebrew Star indicating it take 2 to start a sparkle, like flint and irony ... Magi on the horizon?)
Something causing tempest between two!

(may be an archaic pseudonym woven into myth ... sometimes given slippage according to Freudian hysterics; highs't Aria)