Foreword to Overview of Aspects of Faith

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I have wanted for several years to create a basic resource for people with a variety of questions about faith and religion. Friends encouraged me to write a book like this.

I first published a draft of this book on the Wonder Cafe 2 website and thank participants in that community for their comments and questions.

Chapter 1: Testing Faith
Chapter 2: Revelation in Creation
Chapter 3: Perceptions of God
Chapter 4: Morality and Common Sense
Chapter 5: Brief Overview of Faith
Chapter 6: Spirituality
Chapter 7: Angels
Chapter 8: Contributions of Ancient Cultures to Judaism and Christianity
Chapter 9: Religion, Faith, and the State
Chapter 10: Panentheism, Spirit, Universal Christ and Gravitational Fields
Chapter 11: Evolution
Chapter 12: Faith and Human Rights
Chapter 13: Atheism
Chapter 14: Agnosticism and Gnosticism (and maybe Jung)
Chapter 15:. Forms of Spirituality
Chapter 16: Charismatic /Altered States
Chapter 17: Non-Christian Religions
Chapter 18: Judaism and Christianity
Chapter 19: Maybe Christian Religions
Chapter 20: Faith and Well-Being
Chapter 21: Faith and Environment
Chapter 22: Faith and Society
Chapter 23 Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 24: Mind
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