For those who are Grieving

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Delightful Life

M&M, Cascadian Lovers
Over whichever hurts or losses or pains we may have had, are having, and will have

Life keeps on going on and on
Here is Peter Gabriel who did "I Grieve" for the USA remake of Wim Wender's "Wings of Desire"

Theodore Sturgeon is one of my fav humane SF authors. He wrote aboot aspects of the human condition and clothed it in fiction.

The 2nd Twilight Zone reboot did one of my favourite stories of his, A Saucer of Lonliness

There is something bigger than I out there. Vast. Much, much older. Loving. And has been participating with our kind (and others) since we came aboot and before.

Playful. Dancing.

Wantonly :3

We are all connexed. We are never truly alone.

With Love,
M & M
I think that all of us who grieve, grieve forever. It just becomes less raw and painful. I'm having a great deal of fun, and increasingly pleasant feelings about, the new big guy. Doesn't mean I won't always miss Dave, and even miss my late husband, who was a frigging pain in the ass on any number of levels for many years, but he was my only husband, I was only 25, and pretty madly in love when I married him, and he fathered two children with me, who are lovely humans.

s**t, I still miss my parents, my father-in-law, aunts and uncles (my 93 year old uncle is trying to pass over right now) and many of my friends who have died, many of them tragically young, in their 50s or 60s.