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Just heard................from my sobbing daughter.............her son's girl friend had a cousin kill herself Friday. She was seventeen and supposed to have been graduating from Grade Twelve. My grandson and his girlfriend also graduate this year.
The son of my daughter's best friend, who is also her late husband's sister, killed himself yesterday. He was 25.
It is hard to get my head around this -they had their lives ahead of them!
Some days have too much sorrow in them.
Sorry Kay. That's so awful. Sending you hugs and condolences to those who knew them.
So sad, Kay. The suicide of a young person seems so particularly tragic. You just want to hug them all and let them know "it gets better".
Oh wow, two suicides with connections to you. So sad to hear. Condolences to you and to those affected.
Sorry to hear about this, Kay, 2 of them so close to you and so close together. Condolences to all family and friends connected to them.
So tragic - for everyone involved. So sorry to hear you and your family are experiencing this. Sending love.
So sad when young people take their lives, not only for them but for those left behind.
It will take some time to get through this I'm sure.
I have a feeling you will be of great comfort to those directly affected and I pray you maintain your strength while doing so.
Hugs for you as you go through this.
@KayTheCurler , I am sorry for the losses your family are experiencing . What tragedy at a time when the youth should be celebrating "we made it"

Thinking of you as you walk this road with your daughter and grandchildren
@KayTheCurler , just wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you. It's been a few weeks, and though the world has gone on and stepped forward, for those close to this situation, times must be hard.
How thoughtful of you. Any death of a young person is tough to deal with of course. When the death was suicide it seems to become almost impossible. Those affected are doing the best they can as they walk this road - I fear it will be a very long journey.
I fear it will be a very long journey.

I think it is. It creates a breeding ground for PTSD. A good friend of my daughter's committed suicide in her teens. Not long thereafter, E quietly went to a tattoo place and started a tattoo on the back of her calf, "Ariel" - the girls name and a pithy 3 word quote underneath, which I don't actually remember now. In the middle was going to be a graphic, but she stalled before she got there, and has never had another tattoo.
An ancient acquaintance once told me that loosing a child was worse than dying ...

It is a complex composition that faces us! Yet power corrupts this with; "do not be concerned or worried!"

The concepts of some autonomous powers hits me like train of thought ... right out of the hier darkness!

Then it is said that in some traditions there is no BS in hierarchy of gods ... in support of equilibrium.

Appears we don't live in such a spot ... here unbalance is the demand ... one step forward and two back! Something tp do with Latin interpretation ... Laturn*al or a late urning for something different than malevolence? Beats me ... but good to stir curiosity and the quest for things other than power!

Humbling search given the evidence arising ...
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Suicides are always pain-filled events: the pain felt by the person committing suicide and the pain for those who knew them. And they are all different. The worst pain is the self-doubt of friends and family. Did I/we miss an important sign? Could we have prevented it? It is usually hardest on the parents. My brother-in-law is still deeply grieving the suicide of his daughter four years ago. It was a possibility he lived with for years before she succeeded.

I wish you well Kay in what will be an extended grief process.