Deep Cleaning during Covid

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Anyone doing any deep cleaning during COVID

What is your bugaboo.

Have you had success?
I didn't realize how dirty our tiles were in our bathroom (they are white with white grout, until I looked closely).
Lol, didn't realize they were supposed to be fully white, not white with beige depressions.

Borrowed my son's steamer and the tiles are looking much better.
Trying to figure out best way to do grout.
Steamer is working, but, not as clean as I want.
There are people who need cleaning tasks to clear their mind and feel better. I am not one of them. There is always something else more enjoyable than cleaning, even if it is just a movie. I do like the peacefulness of a clean house, though. I usually let it go until it bothers me and I put in two days of getting it all done. Or until I expect visitors. Covid doesn’t make me clean more, actually, it means I have less visitors and so less reason to clean. Benefit or downfall of living alone- it doesn’t have to be done because it doesn’t bother anybody else.
Our house is less clean - no hired cleaners coming in. They had actually cancelled right before restrictions were being discussed and never even messages back about rescheduling.
I definitely don't do cleaning tasks to clear the mind.
We also don't have people coming over.

Just thought, with no one coming over, it's a good time to do the deep cleaning.
Am i the only one feeling this way?
Just thought, with no one coming over, it's a good time to do the deep cleaning.
Am i the only one feeling this way?
Could be only you! LOL I've been knitting, doing jigsaw puzzles, duck-hunting, ordering seeds for spring planting .... not too many thoughts of house cleaning.

Well, my embarrassment was washing & cleaning out out my hairbrushes a couple of weeks ago. OMG!!! My big round blow-dry brush somehow had swallowed up copious amounts of hair over time - inside the perforated cylinder. So weird. I won't go into disgusting details o_O
I have done some purging and a bit of cleaning. Can't say I have been motivated to do any deep cleaning. House looks okay.
Bleach works with a toothbrush. I had a kitchen with a white tile floor for A Few years. It was hell
My sister had black tiles in the kitchen, living room and dining room. Every speck of dust was reflected by the shiny tiles. The floor looked beautiful for two minutes after washing and polishing!
The regularly used parts of the house are 'clean enough'. I keep the sinks, counters and such like hygienic. I sweep and wash floors in bits and pieces. There are things that need to be done - by someone else. Hurts too much to wash windows, clean closet floors, washout cupboards and such like. I know someone who LOVES cleaning and will come when we agree it is safe.
I guess our closet got a deep clean. We needed work on our bathroom fans and more insulation was added. That's not COVID specific though, we had water dripping from the fans when we hit negative temperatures, and it was well before the really cold snaps. After that the closet needed a good clean.
I haven't done deep cleaning. I've done some organizing mostly because I'm inside more. Hubby is doing his road test to get his endorsement to tow our fifth wheel on Monday. That means we'll have to pack up and then set up again. I'm sure some cleaning will happen then
I didn't know you had to have a test to drive a fifth wheel. How did it get moved before??

This is for BC. I think Manitoba and other provinces will be doing this too. He was able to tow it on his AB driver's licence. He had to write a test to get a "learner's" permit. With the learners he needs to have a qualified driver with him. Once he passes this road test he will have the endorsement and will be able to legally tow it. I think the cut-off is 10,000 pounds. He will have no problem passing it and really should have been grandfathered in. Someone like me should have to jump through all the hoops since I've never towed a fifth wheel before.
Yeah, I’m still thinking about moving the boxes of Christmas wrapping and decorations I stuck over in the corner. I haven’t decided where to yet. Lol.
I wash the kitchen, bathroom. I scrub the tub, sinks and toilet myself about once a week, sometimes all at once, sometimes staggered, depending on time and energy. I do about two loads of laundry per week. Still wash door handles and light switches regularly due to upstairs “visitors”. I vacuumed - I have a light vaccuum cleaner but not much carpet so it’s more like a floor sweeper - and mopped a few spots, most of my place I guess, two days ago, but I’m not as good at that as I used to be. Looks fine. It’s presentable enough. I don’t even make my bed because nobody sees it and nobody cares. I figure since nobody’s coming over to visit, it’s a good time to not worry about being meticulous. I have enough problems to worry about. I do need to clean out the fridge, to get way at the back, and I’m dreading it. It could be unpleasant. Good thing about having a mask handy! Lol.

I will, however, need to hire somebody, for sure, to do a deep clean at some point.
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Sounds like you're keeping busy with the housekeeping Kimmio. I do less of that, but I ALWAYS make my bed ... old habits die hard I guess. I just like having a tidy bed to climb into at night.