Cultural Differences in Relationships

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There's got to be a perfect balance of difference and similarity.

Some of it is age, some is culture of origin. How do you navigate these differences? Or, did you marry/relate to a person from a very similar culture/family to your own?

(In all fairness, I'm rather immersed in a Netflix show about arranged marriages, and it's bringing up some curious questions for me.)
First Mr. was a Canadian, no remembrance of emigration, as with second Mr. In both cases, I underestimated the cultural differences. Third Mr. is another first gen immigrant, as I am, although he's German, and I'm British. Similarities with him are closer in many ways to the established Canadians. We "get" stranger in a strange land, in wyrd ways. I think listening to opera every Saturday is normal; he thinks an annual kraut-making day is normal. We both agree that one eats fish on Friday.
At least you and Third Mr. are both of European and arguably Germanic descent. Try being a European-descended Canadian in a relationship with an East Asian (whose mixed race son's partner is South Asian, just to keep things exciting). There's definitely some navigation that's gone on over the past 34 years (married for nearly 30 of those), but I am experimental enough in things like food that we've found our way. It's more things like child-rearing that have been flashpoints, because attitudes are radically different here compared to Asian countries.
Now, interestingly, if you don't mind answering, is it the cultural family/wider culture, me/mine/ours, thing that's different?
I have no family left to negotiate with, neither does he, but in previous marriages, family relationships had a part.
We are similair culturally, but not in our upbringing.

For most of my life, i had a stay at home mom

For most of his, his mom was working with 4 children.