Court Relations; With Those That Relate to Little ...

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Luce NDs

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The NY State charges against Trump entities demand that a person have a scattered mind to spread over the entirety of the charges involved.

So much for the shard 've mind of a great idealism that would oversee such a conjuration!

Imagine the folk that would follow such a icon of ideology! Birds of a feather???? Thus we attempt to bring the feathers together as a peculiar nest to say least ...

Luce NDs

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Does the most powerful feel free to wave fear around without base information, intelligence and digested data? Can such a thing take a Yule Turn in the fires of consequence? May resemble a horse hoe kicks ... not yule but mule? That's "M" the fullness in time of psyche ... imagine such a grand chalice ... may be abstract! Can you make up a mined ... right out of nowhere?

Black Ole Theo Ray ... when nothing gets yah and then ... as they say heh' scone ... baked!

The only thing left was ... and it too strayed and wandered ...

Luce NDs

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If one cannot join the points provided in the dash will one fail transmission and transcendence?

There he goes like an alien dog Ma! De parted or just bi polar in getting it together? Demi urge ... sometimes described as coiled snakes ...

Retired judge of SCOTUS says in judgement one has to prepare for what bites back! Great powers do not believe great numbers as demos can destroy emperor's cover ... imagine flaming suites as the heat rises in the night!

Can a dog be used to settle an ithchii? Be aware of what you are fission fore ... impressions? History is impressive yet often the object of much denial ... consider Alex Jones being chastised in the court that he say we need more of to put down his particular conspiracies! The entire virtue of these skews incarnate as something other than they appear ... basis of lies?

Virtual god(s) of wisdom wouldn't remain in a land promoting chaos ... would they? Yet demonstrations against the law by law mongers go on ... my word hoo s tarted it?

Those looking for something profitable to believe in and thus planned imbalance ... acquire what; Aquarius ... leapt Arian!

Good to the last drip ... sapient? May form a plume or other nebulous cover when you goes down ... the collapse of plunder and booty! An abstract ... because the powers declare the beauty of truth much be obscured ... truth hurts! Alien comprehension ???? Get out of *ere ... Thus Aaron out ... breezy? It is said that in some places the earth smoulders ... and the highlanders cannot understand the reason ... that's why it goes round!

Ah ... heat in the night or other dark mystery ... the somatic stir ... what do we know of it? Not mutch ... conditioning?
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