Children/teens and social media

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Governments have a responsibility gor the safety of their citizens. Banning dangerous products and substances like lead in food and paint has been part of that practice aling with restrictions on other dangerous substances like alcohol and tobacco.

Algorithms that harm people rightfully should be treated the same way.

I was mentioning to Our Sacred Poet

These are scientific statements, like FB is harming youth's might be erronous
If the harm is happening, etc

Thus good not to give in to fashion and jump on a bandwagon?

Most of this seems to be due to the efforts of Professor Jonathan Haidt? He has been open to challenges of his any good scientist is :3

Unfortunately, algos are everywhere...we should have listened to the Conspiracy Theorists and fringe folx...

Yo challenge them is to challenge capitalism itself...and you see how that is going on worldwide, with Climate Change protestors being arrested, made illegal, even here in Canada our Trudeau gov't lumping them in with terrorists...

Again, why Christmas is important.

Keep the Light going.

Always return Love.
What is a poe-T but a lesser crossing ... thus it goes down with something ejected ... always exorcism ... stuff that leaves us ... unretained?
You are definitely not a lesser crossing
Filled to the brim with hypertextual connexions :3

Wrong! It is hypo not hype as the former is under the horizon! The needling goes on ... Ca Mel 'A and all ... so much buried in the script!

One can reconnoiter and perhaps reckon it ... thus de breaze ... some time whipping through hubris ... as vali ante? Valais ... thunderous a' plowed ...

R.I.P. in Skye?
It's about time!
And while they're at it, I'm not sure who's responsible for "the dark web", but that should not even be allowed to exist.
That's kind of like saying murder shouldn't be allowed to happen, or backroom poker games shouldn't be allowed.
You can't stop humans from doing what humans do.

The best you can do is try to punish or deter them.
The best you can do is try to punish or deter them.
And create mechanisms to contain and deal with the effects. You can't stop the dark web from existing but proper controls on the public Internet can minimize its power to affect people not part of it. You can't completely stop people from being a**holes on social media, but you can provide mental health and other supports for the victims of their bullying.
On the other hand ...

If corruption gets a grip on protocol ... do great causes go down into a dark place to cause the Con Science ... dissonance? Part of the game of life ... an experience where no one's allowed to know much ... stirs and twists may appear as kinks ...

Trump is about to win again ... against all good sense!!! Thus good sense is attached to the name prodigal (meaning waste is some factions and thus may slip into the terms of elimination and BS)! Sols must descend to the Earth to experience such activity of avarice ... it collects here ... beyond that a horizon ...