Basic virology

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A virologist posted a nice thread on Twitter giving the basics of what a virus, how it works, and such. Good knowledge even absent COVID given how many of the illnesses that beset us are caused by these tiny little nasties.

But here's the weird part: there are traces of old viruses in our genome. It appears that viruses are one of the engines of evolution.

So it appears that it's a "can't live with them, can't evolve without them" situation.

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Imagine in Pasteur's Time that great powers didn't believe in bacterium ... and to these viral things the baccas where shimmery monsters ... or chimera for short and rendered down!

A devil of a piece of info for those that would rather not know of the world of lesser things ... pure mythology!

It appears these things will consume us in the end ... thus the aesop incident to parallel the aeneus!

Then "sop" was at one time in dynamic understanding ... a piece of something "bred" to soak up these wee things ...

What a stew has been planned for the multitudinous cycles ... carbon, carbonate, nitrogen, phosphatonins, etc.
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The advice here is to stay home if you feel sick, practice distancing otherwise...but they will not test people with mild symptoms. And, they are saying that people can be asymptomatic carriers. The question has been officially raised that, if they are doing only limited testing, how do they know who has it, who doesn’t...and therefore how can it ever be stopped? I asked this the other day as well but it was in the news today.

So, if it turns out it can’t be stopped, when do they give up trying, when does this stop being the new normal and at what point do they accept it can’t be stopped (this way) until there is a vaccine...or do they? They don’t actually know who is at home with the flu, a cold or different coronavirus, etc. if they are not tested.

Hopefully cases go down with these extreme, I mean extreme, efforts...I think this is the most extreme time in most of our lifetimes...everywhere...and hopefully it never pops up again...but?
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