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I am thankful for a lovely (belated) birthday dinner hosted at a local favorite sushi house by my daughter and her new-ish (like a year-ish) guy, who I got to meet for the first time. Seems a really nice lad. And curiously, lives (half time) in the same village in south-eastern Ontario that my late husband grew up in.


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Grateful for the opportunities in my life when I was able to be out of the city & looking at the night sky with awe-filled wonder. Last night, at an 'urban back yard campfire' we commented only being able to see 2 or 3 stars, juxtaposed with memories of the sky we can see when camping or cottaging. It struck me that many people have likely never had the opportunity to see the sky brimming with the milky way in all its glory - would have no sense of the grandeur of the night sky. On the other hand, I suppose there are those too in our world who know nothing of the ambient city light that fills the night.

Luce NDs

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Aboriginally as initiates these were basket cases in the desert ... where emotional matters were freed!

May be represented by traditional fetes is some places ... so as to alloy projection and encompassment ... a phi item?

E Fe floater ... win Д rift as hoes broken into ... hose? May be inflationary ... or collapse like the famous mythology of snakes ... thus Py thon ... as pyth to pour resources in ... a dox 'r?
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We are camping. The tall trees around us make it hard to see more than small patches of sky. Thin cloud cover earlier left only two stars visible in the patch of sky above me earlier,. The haze iss gone and I can see a few more stars. We are just outside of Oka so not a really clear sky.