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Lucy and I are both thankful for lazy folk who don't rake their leaves. I take a childish delight in the smell and feel and sound of scuffing feet slowly through a pile of leaves. Lucy loves to roll in them, almost as much as she loves rolling in snow.
@BetteTheRed - an on-going dialogue in our house is regarding the requirement to rake leaves as they fall, or...wait until the day before pickup, so you can enjoy them and minimize the amount of re-do's.
I'm of the "let's enjoy the beauty of a carpet of leaves". My spouse is of the "oh look, there are more leaves to rake"

On our current property, there are no lack of leaves, or winds, that blow leaves into previously raked areas.

I love the colours of the fall. The sun shining through the golden leaves. The sun coming into our house, when previously the trees blocked it. Leaves fluttering down past the windows. Hickory nuts being squirrelled away.

I will give thanks for the diversity of our family ideas of "what's right" and our ability to live in the differences.
I will give thanks to trees that shed their leaves for the winter and provide food to the creatures.
We haven't done anything with our leaves and I am out of commission as far as yardwork until my followup appointment in three weeks. Mrs. M might just run them over with our mulching mower rather than doing a rake up. We shall see.

Thanks for for all the birdies visiting the tree outside my home office window. Even had a jay perched quite close. One of the things I love about my new office here (I moved over from sharing an office with Mrs. M during the early summer).
I am thankful for the bright sun and gentle breeze that is drying my spring and summer jackets and raincoat before putting them away for the winter.
Consider it another lief fallen as a folly! I just didn't have the energy ... thus there it is under the snow ...

Maybe a grammerical err but ... none-the less expressed as down! May resemble the African Queen taken in by Bogart ... a nun at that! Lordy the history that spread as legendary ... rigid belivers couldn't absorb what was presented as spectacular dhrama ... Dhrams? They are little sips of booty ... not too much ... you don't want to attract the gods that will want the entire thing init sintegral state ... all dollied up? Like the back wheels on a train ...
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Today I am thankful for my comerades who have been and are and will continue to work to alleviate the harms caused by my more militant woke comerades

Today I am greatful,

for the unique and awesome experience that was our wedding

That took place during a convention

Presided over by Lois and Theo, who worked with Megaera and I to create the event, incorporating both Episcopalian (for Megaera) and Other symbols (for me, her at that time Heathen)

For our parents who made the journey
(Mom who even filmed the whole thing)
And for friends, my Brother-in-Christ who eventually helped bring me to Christ, and the good friend who successfully fled Soviet Union

They all got along famously. Both dads sharing stories (they were of similar generations)

Lots of tears
Some anger
Uplifting joy
Megaera even kept all of the paraphenalia -- she is SO organized
It was quite the experience
And I would do it again


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Today I am thankful,

in the morning English service Anglican two baptisms of a baby and an adult (full cold immersion for the adult...loved the expression on his face as he sat in the tub)

had a feast of sweets and fellowship

met a Catholic and had a good chat

got to dog mind Grace (who can go up for a Blessing) for the first time ever. i have been coming here since 2016 and this is the first time her mom has asked me to do this

then at noon the Hindi Pentacostal service. good energy. good music. the Spirit inhabits!

the in the afternoon at a completely seperate Church (one i have known aboot qfor year but never have been inside) i saw their door open and entered. got to talk to members of Chinese Christians

and now am getting to experience a Burmese service

I love living here

This world is awesome

Ty God

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I’m thankful for this text box to say I’m pissed off about everything right now. That’s about it. It’s not a lot. But it’s something. Probably not what was intended for this thread but the reality is that some days it’s hard to find much. A text box to say “Aaaaaaarghaaaa!” Is something. Thanks.
I was thankful this morning to serve communion with my big guy. He was bread, I was wine. We didn't plan outfits, but matched quite nicely. It's supposed to be "the bread of life", "the cup of blessing". He's a cradle catholic, so it was "the body of christ" "the cup of blessing".
I’m thankful for this text box to say I’m pissed off about everything right now. That’s about it. It’s not a lot. But it’s something. Probably not what was intended for this thread but the reality is that some days it’s hard to find much. A text box to say “Aaaaaaarghaaaa!” Is something. Thanks.
I'm thankful for this space where people can safely share their actual reality of the moment. Hopefully Kimmio will feel a tad better after pissing out her temporary lack of joy.
I'm giving thanks for youngest son today. He's a wonderful young man.

He made his delicious mac n cheese for dinner.

At 8pm, he asked me if I'd like a pot of tea. It ended up he brought me a foot bath down, made me a pot of tea and a nice treat.

It's been a tough year and i am thankful for his support
This morning I am so grateful to live where I do, in peace and relative security, in the company of other people of peace. Grateful for opportunities to serve others and to learn with and from them.
I am going to offer up thanks for our health care system.

Patched together at times, but with the goal of serving people.

We've had support of the VON, who have been great in handling items that we often went to the doctor or surgeon for.
They have been great and flexible.

Though we have had a nurse who wasn't running top of their game when at the hospital, it only served to show how the vast majority were either exceptional or just consistently good, with appropriate care.
I'd like to give thanks for a night nurse in particular. he was kind, thorough and clear, but not intrusive. He was efficient.
My husband told me that he really liked him, but, he didn't see him much through the night, someone else kept coming in to address his care (change fluids, etc). When we were going home the next night, my husband mentioned it to the nurse that he hadn't seen him much. The nurse looked at him and said "i was in and out all night". They laughed as they realized it had been cold, and the nurse had put on a light jacket over his t-shirt, then put on his coat! Same guy, just different attire.