An offering: Give Thanks This Day

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I give thanks to the Abishek service

Most of it is in Hindi

Lots of music

The Holy Spirit is there

And today celebrating Mothers

Every mother who wanted to got up and spoke or sang

It was beautiful and moving

And after a FEAST! Of Properly Yummy Food with Flavour :3

A wonderful blessed congregation :3
Are mummies a sign of silence until they explode ... out of here? May be an myth in jibe ... Egyptian? The wind change operation ...

There are corrupt powers that do not expect reciprocation as natural ... thus intellect follows desires to observe what was previously oblivious (formerly known as subtle, sub dude). So the myth goes on that mortals know something ... those that realize this may gather something ... and emotional content diminishes ... it is how it goes ... in a bottom land where things are unbalanced ... stuff comes up!
I give thanks this day for sons who are able to show their inner strength and gifts.

For doctors, specialists who use their litany of skills to help a physical body come back from the brink

For chemists, pharmacists who bring an array of meds to resolve big and little health concerns

For nurses, who train nurses, who work together to provide care and share information to care team

For housekeeping, who keep the room clean and provide a smile.

For physio and OT that provide the tools and evaluate capabilities

For psws who understand and help someone do their own personal care

For those who read and do all the imaging.

For those who read and do all the bloodwork, especially the "vampires" that you cannot even feel them take the blood.

For dieticians who listen to what a loved one might eat and provide an array of foods time after time until finally food can be eaten

For ER triage nurses who go about their job after seeing some startling vitals, making things happen quickly but orderly

For friends who respond to an urgent request, with info requested, but then arrive at doorstep with a big dish of soup, buns and salad, and later with a hug at the hospital.

So many opportunities for thanks in trying times
Is inner strength innate and some powers tossed that making it a disposed extant power!

Thus BS disposition and dispossession as all is lost! So it goes to produce sum zero ... ʃo !